We did a bit of weight reduction on Lachlan Munday s B74 with focus being low CG and low rotating mass. We already had the Bezerk RC lcg shocks towers on as previously shared and we added:
- Team Associated Plastic diff gears (30g),
- lightweight JConcepts F2 body (20g)
- and a titanium upper screw kit (18g).

We used the sticky kicks screw kit from NathoBuilds and they are great with deep screw heads, grade 5 material and they look great.

We tested at Shepparton Radio Control Car Club yesterday and the car seems more lively in corners and stable in bumps with these parts. We also tested using a thin Reedy battery (70g) and this also makes the car more lively but you will need to change setup slightly with the light batteries, dropping a rear spring rate and moving the battery back to compensate for the weight balance change. We will share more setup info once we have done more testing.


R. Munday