- Shock Length Quick Reference Chart -

With multiple shock body and shaft lengths offered for our #TeamAssociated 1/10 buggies, it can be confusing which parts you have. To help I have put together a quick reference chart showing the actual length of the different parts so you can identify which pieces are in your pitbox 🙂

Quick notes:

  • I have shown two different lengths per part depending on whether you want to measure total length or a reference length (in the case of the body, this allows you to measure a fully assembled part)
  • The '24mm' body is actually 2mm longer than the 23mm body
  • The shock shaft length refers to the stroke of the shock if you run a single travel limiting washer under the piston (as per kit instructions) and wind the rod end up to the end of the thread. The shock body length refers to the physical travel the piston has before hitting the top cap of the shock. You can use a shorter shock shaft in a longer shock body, but the other way around you risk bottoming out the piston and damaging the shock on jump landing.


R. Munday