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Schumacher "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
Presentation Racing Cars
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Overview during 2010 BRCA National Rd1 Oople
Review Arn0
Blank Setup Sheet
Blank Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Blank Editable Setup Sheet Lochness42
Base Setup
Simon Moss - ClaySetup Racing Cars
Simon Moss - Indoor Setup
Simon Moss -Astrotruf Setup
High Grip Track(13.5) RCTech
Indoor Hard Pack with dust (13.5) RCTech

Stick Setup for long chassis R. Garcia
High Grip Clay Track RCTech
Matthiew Latham Base Setup UK2 011 oOple
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Build tips by Simon Moss

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Surface Traction Condition Source

04-05.02.2012 Nicolas Risser Black Country Arena Astroturf Fast-technical JM Risser
14.01.2012 James Barker Area 51 GP - Silverstone Astroturf Race Dates
19.12.2011 Nicolas Risser Black Country Arena Astroturf Fast-technical JM Risser
10-11.12.2011 Nicolas Risser WIR - Dublin Astroturf Fast-technical JM Risser
2011 Matthew Latham Coventry Medium Low Dry cold Oople
Oct. 2011 Lloyd Storey Stotfold High Racing Cars
01-03.07.2011 Nicolas Risser
Tom Cockerill
Belgian GP - Kampenhout Dry Oople
07.05.2011 Tom Cockerill BRCA Nats - RHR Medium Dry Racing Cars
16.04.2011 Tom Cockerill BRCA Nats - Stotfold High Dry Racing Cars

06.02.2011 Nicolas Risser EIR - Charleroi JM Risser
14.08.2010 SimonMoss BRCA Nat - Stotfold Low Wet, Damp Oople

17.07.2010 Tom Cockerill BRCA Nat - Southport Medium-high Dry Oople
04.07.2010 Christian Hahlen Langenfeld High CS-Electronics
03.07.2010 Nicolas Risser Belgium GP - Kampenhout High J.M Risser
13.06.2010 Tom Cockerill Oople Race - RHR Medium Sandy Racing Cars
GrantWilliams TORCH Oople
23.05.2010 Daniel Austin Eastrax Medium Sandy Oople
11.05.2010 TomCockerill Eden Park Raceway Med to high Racing Cars

08.05.2010 TomCockerill Robin Hood Raceway Med to high Racing Cars

17.04.2010 Simon Moss
Tom Cockerill
BRCA Nat - Talywain Bumpy Oople
Racing Cars

11.04.2010 MatthewLatham Regional - Southport Oople

Simon Moss
Tom Cockerill
Robin Hood Raceway Oople
Simon Moss Stoke Very bumpy Oople
Blue Groove

02.09.2011 Stephen Maizer

East States Champs Blue Groove Hard Packed

High Dry Racing Cars

Jan. 2012 Stephen Maizer Island Raceway High S. Maizer
16.01.2012 Jason Tahara MHOR High Dry, Dusty RC Tech
28.12.2011 Stephen Maizer Critters Raceway Medium Racing Cars
18.11.2011 Raul Garcia New England GP - RCHR RC Tech
22.08.2011 Jason Tahara MHOR Medium-High RC Tech
17-24.07.2011 Tom Cockerill

Worlds - Vaasa Smooth Medium/Low Racing Cars
26.06.2011 Sebastien Mure Regional - Pernes Bumpy Medium Dusty S. Mure
04.06.2011 Edouard Farines French Natl Rd4 - Pau Medium Dusty E. Farines
29.05.2011 Jeffrey Vandebrouck BNK Rd3 - Vlijmen Medium Good, dry J. Vanderbrouck
09-10.04.2011 Chris Ran French Natl Rd2 - Xtreme Race Low-Medium C. Ran
20.02.2011 Raul Garcia Motorama Smooth Insane
Feb 2011 SpeedTech WCRC RC Tech
16.01.2011 Raul Garcia (Team Driver) Long Island Raceway Medium-High Wet R. Garcia
03.01.2011 Ben (17.5) WCRC - Losi SX Smooth High RC Tech

13.12.2010 Brandon Collins (13.5) Bremerton

Very High B. Collins
Dec 2010 Joshua Riewe Clay Pit Smooth

Medium to High
13.11.2010 TonyNewland Utah States Champs Medium-High RCTech
Nov 2010 Brodie Club Race - SRS Smooth Low to medium RCTech

23.10.2010 Zacka Chan WA States Titles Bumpy Medium RCTech
17-17.09.2010 Philip Jeisy SM-Lauf - Dielsdorf Bumpy Medium-High CS-Electronics
Sept 2010 James Erbele TCRC Medium Wet
23-28.08.2010 Tom Cockerill Euros Low Dry Racing Cars
04.07.2010 Edouard Farines (10.5) Pertuis Very low Dry E. Farines
12-13.06.2010 Edouard Farines (10.5) French Natl - Pau Dusty Low
E. Farines

09.06.2010 Raul Garcia (13.5) Club Race High Dry R. Garcia
04.06.2010 DavidPerez Club Race Bumpy Low to Medium Dry Oople

02.06.2010 RaulGarcia Test High bite Damp / Dry R. Garcia
26.05.2010 RaulGarcia (10.5) Testing High bite RCTech

02.05.2010 Christian hahlen NRW Off Road Cup - Duisburg Medium CS-Electronics

May 2010 JosephQuagraine Finnish Nats Rd1 Loose Damp to Dry Racing Cars

May 2010 Chris Long Island Raceway RCTech

May 2010 Hans Oople

Simon Moss Testing Racing Cars
Jan. 2011 Tim Linayao Dusty High

Racing Cars

22-24.08.2011 Tom Cockerill Euros - Pau Bumpy Low

Racing Cars

12.06.2010 David Perez MORL - Jones Rutted, blown out Soft sandy RC Tech

29.05.2010 Joe Zaier Jr Test - Starbuck Medium RCTech

May 2010 St Gaudens Very low Dusty
26.06.2010 Simon Moss Oswestry Oople

16.05.2010 Daniel Austin Broxtowe Bumpy High decreasing D. Austin / Oople
22.01.2012 Luca Albanese
Mondovi Carpet Medium-High Racing Cars
22.01.2012 Jesper Rasmussen DHI Cup Carpet High Racing Cars
20.11.2011 Matthew Latham Chadderton Rubber Sport floor Medium Bigredlidz
06.11.2011 Tom Cockerill Worksop Rubber Sport floor Medium-Low Racing Cars
27.03.2011 Ulrich Rasmussen
Jesper Rasmussen
Proline Cup Carpet High Racing Cars
27.02.2011 Nicolas Risser Maritime Raceway Carpet + wood Mixed JM Risser
06.02.2011 Chris Ran Pezenas Indoor Ruber floor Medium-Low C. Ran

Jan 2011 Tom Cockerill Moto Arena Club Night Carpet / Tarmac Medium-High oOple
19.12.2010 Danny McGee Ardent Carpet/Wood High Cold Racing Cars
24.10.2010 Team CS Players - Quakenbrueck Carpet High CS-Electronics
24.10.2010 TomCockerill Players - Worksop Rubberised floor Medium Oople
01.10.2010 Jorg Hufsghag Langfield Carpet High CS

Simon Moss West Bridgeford Oople


12.06.2010 Chris Sturdy Chargers RC Redbank Plains Dirt & Astroturf Medium Damp to drying

Action RC

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