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SVR Gear Chart Arn0
Schumacher "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
Cougar SVR Review RC Ottawa
Cougar SVR Build & Review RCCA
Cougar SVR - Montage
Cougar SVR - Build (video)

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Base Setup
Kit Astroturf Setup Racing Cars
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Dirt track - Change after tests'runs F. Roumiguieres

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Build tips
Electronics Setups
Hex Conversion with Kyosho Parts F. Perkins
Hex Conversion with Associated Parts T. Newland
Emulsion Shocks
How to get narrow wheels T. Cockerill
Convert to KR? Action RC

Astrotruf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
Racing Cars
Blue Groove
15-17.07.2013 Tom Cockerill EC - Valladolid Clay/Astro/Concrete/Paving Medium-High Bumpy T. Cockerill
31.05.2013 Bill Sutton SAR Clay Medium-High Smooth B. Sutton
27-28.04.2013 Rhett McNair Spring Nats - Mike's Hobby Shop Grooveed High Smooth R. McNair
28.04.2013 Tom Cockerill Warm-Up EC - Valladolid Clay/Astro/Concrete/Paving Low Bumpy, Damp, soft T. Cockerill
24.03.2013 Tony Newland (long chassis) Tekin Shootout - Boise Sandy Clay Medium Dry T. Newland
01.03.2013 Glen Bean Bigfoot - Dallas Hard Clay Medium Smooth RC Tech
24.02.2013 Fred Perkins Indoor Clay Medium Smooth F. Perkins
16-17.02.2013 Tom Cockerill Motorama Clay Medium Smooth, slight groove T. Cockerill
06.02.2013 Tony Newland (long chassis) IRCR Clay Medium-High Dry T. Newland
06.02.2013 Glen Bean ACR Clay Medium-High Bumpy-Smooth RC Tech
19.01.2013 Tony Newland (7.5) IRCR Clay Medium-High Dry T. Newland
22.12.2012 Tony Newland (7.5) IRCR Clay High Dry T. Newland
08.12.2012 Tony Newland (7.5) IRCR Clay/Topsoil Medium-High Dry T. Newland
04.11.2012 Tony Newland (13.5) IRCR Clay/Topsoil High Dry T. Newland
17.10.2012 Matt Stacey SAR - Ottawa Clay Medium Dry/Damp/Cold M. Stacey / RC Ottawa
13.10.2012 Tony Newland (13.5) IRCR Clay/Topsoil High Dry T. Newland
22.09.2012 Tony Newland (13.5) IRCR Clay/Topsoil High Dry T. Newland
August 2012 Bill Chronopoulos Canada Hard Clay Medium-Low Rutted B. Chronopoulos
26-28.07.2012 Tom Cockerill Canadian Nats - Ottawa Clay Medium Racing Cars
09-14.07.2012 Tom Cockerill Euros - Fehring Clay Low Dusty, Rutted Racing Cars
10.01.2013 Rhett McNair Dirt Medium Bumpy Racing Cars
29.09.2012 Richard Brodie KBRL Rd2 Clay/Dirt High RC Tech
Sept. 2012 Tim Linayao Dirt High Dry Racing Cars
26.08.2012 Kin Chung Leong Singapour Clay Low-Medium Damp, Loose & Rutted K. C. Leong
23.06.2013 Gareth Hill Woodvale Rally Grass High Dry, rutted G. Hill
Top Soil
04-06.03.2013 David Alberico March Mayham Packed Top Soil Medium Smooth D. Alberico

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