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Manual Source
RB6 Manual Kyosho
RB6 Details & Pictures
RB6 Exploded View
RB6 Parts List
RB6 - Details & Pictures
Rear Suspension Holder (UMW705/706/707) Instructions
Aluminum Gear Diff Case Cap (UMW726)
RB6 - Spare Parts Arn0
RB6 - Spare Part & Options Parts
Kyosho Big Bore Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
Big Bore Springs on Small Bore Shock Arn0
Big Bore Springs & Rear Suspension Holder Chart Arn0
RB6 - Build by David Ronnefalk D. Ronnefalk
RB6 - Build by Kevin Lee K. Lee
RB6 - Build by JEModels JEModels
RB6 - Stop Motion Building
RB6 -Build - Setup hints Area52
RB6 - Common Questions B. Collins
Caster Bumpsteer And Ackerman Math B. Collins
Aluminum Rear Suspension Holder UMW705, UMW706 & UMW707 J. Kirkwood

RB6 2015 - Details & Pictures

RB6.6 Manual Kyosho
RB6.6 Exploded View
RB6.6 - Parts List with images
RB6.6 - Spare Part & Options Parts

Blank Setup Sheet
RB6 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
RB6.6 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0

Base Setup
RB6 Base Setup Kyosho
RB6 Base Astroturf Setup (Sept 2012) R. Mills
Thomas Epting Base Line (27.11.2012) T. Epting
David Ronnefalk - Base Clay Indoor Setup Neobuggy
Brandon Collin' setup for high traction indoor clay (automatic update)
Thomas Tran - Clay-Blue Groove Starting Setup
Remy Bertrand - Dirt Base Setup - Rear Motor R. Bertrand
Remy Bertrand - Dirt Base Setup - Mid Motor R. Bertrand
Taylor Timmerman (Rear) - Base Clay Setup T. Timmerman
Chris Slevin (Mid) - Medium Traction Astroturf Track Setup
Mike Aliberti (Mid) - Low-Medium Traction Clay-Sodt Dirt Track Setup

Roger Mills (.6) - UK Astroturf Track Setup R. Mills
Shawn Thompson (.6) - Carpet Track Setup R. Mills
Matt Chambers (.6) - Clay Track Setup m. Chambers

Tips & Tricks
How-To Bleed Kyosho Shocks
RB6 Electronics Setup - Rear Motor - Mid Motor
Roger Mills' comments
Matthew Latham's car
Jayson Pang's car
Richard Drury's car
Steering rack - Calming the car oOple
RB6 - MIP Differential MIP
Carbon Parts
Chassis Protector
RB6 - Gear Diff
AvidRC HD Long Rear Axle Conversion
Short battery sideway F. Honson
Using flat rear wishbone R. Mills
Set Screw Trick J. Tebo
Kyosho Ball Diff Build J. Tebo
Step by step 3 Gear build
Sideways Shorty Layout J. Tebo
Front Swaybar Install C. Jarosz
RB6.6 Electronics Setup

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
10.10.2016 Kohta Akimoto (.6) Yatabe Arena Astroturf Kyosho
20.09.2016 Nick Caro (.6) Test - Bury-Metro Astroturf High Bumpy N. Caro
Sept. 2016 Roger Mills (.6) Mansfirld Astroturf High Bumpy (dry) R. Mills
29.08.2015 Nick Caro (Mid) Stotfold Astroturf Medium-High Bumpy N. Caro
07.06.2015 Akimoto Kohta (Mid) JMRCA - Yatabe Arena Astroturf Kyosho
31.05.2015 Nick Caro (Mid) NW Regional - Bury-Metro Astroturf Medium-High Smooth N. Caro
02.05.2015 Nick Caro (Mid) BRCA Nats - Kidderminster Astroturf Medium-High Bumpy N. Caro
11.04.2015 Nick Caro (Mid) BRCA Nats - RHR Astroturf Low-Medium Smooth N. Caro
August 2014 Roger Mills (Mid) Summer Series - Kidderminster Astroturf Medium-High Bumpy R. Mills
May 2014 Roger Mills (Mid) Summer Series - Kidderminster Astroturf Medium-High Bumpy R. Mills
Oct. 2013 Chris Slevin (Mid) Winter Series - Silverstone Astroturf+Lino High C. Slevin
28.07.2013 Kevin Lee (Mid) BRCA Nats - Stotfold Astroturf High Bumpy K. Lee
21.07.2013 Tim Bremicker (Mid) Burgdorf Astroturf Medium Kyosho
13.07.2013 Tim Bremicker (Mid) Kunstrasen Astroturf Medium Kyosho
29.06.2013 Kevin Lee (Mid) Belgian GP - Kampenhout Astroturf Low/High Smooth K. Lee
25.05.2013 Elliott Boots (Mid) BRCA Nats - EPR Astroturf High Bumpy kyosho Europe
12.05.2013 Tony Evdoka (Mid) Regionals - SHRCCC Astroturf High-Low Wet-Dry T. Evdoka
09.03.2013 Kevin Lee (Mid) Winter Series - Silvestone Astroturf High Smooth
03.03.2013 Ashley Caunt (Mid) Snowman Series - Broxtowe Astroturf Medium Bumpy A. Caunt
03.03.2013 Kevin Lee (Mid) Stotfold Astroturf High Bumpy K. Lee
17.02.2013 David Poulter (Mid) Winter Series - Stotfold Astroturf Low-Medium Dry D. Poulter
02.12.2012 David Poulter (Mid) Winter Series - EPR Astroturf/Concrete Low Wet D. Poulter
Oct. 2012 Nick Caro (Mid) Batley Astroturf Low-High Bumpy N. Caro
21.10.2012 Kevin Lee (Mid) Winter Series - Stotfold Astroturf Extremely Low Bumpy K. Lee
23.09.2012 Matthew Latham Southport Astroturf Medium-High Bumpy C. Latham
21.09.2012 Kristian Minter (Mid) LMR GP - TORCH Astroturf High Bumpy K. Minter
16.09.2012 Kevin Lee (Mid) Apex GP - SHRCCC Astroturf High Smooth K. Lee
08-09.09.2012 Kim Sitensky (Mid) German Nats - Kongen Astroturf High Dry K. Sitensky
09.09.2012 Tony Evdoka (Mid) Summer Series - TORCH Astroturf High Dry Kyosho
Blue Groove
18.07.2016 Jared Tebo (.6) Hot Rod Shootout Blue Groove Medium Smooth J. Tebo
16-18.07.2014 Jared Tebo Hot Rod Shootout Blue Groove High Smooth Kyosho USA
02.05.2015 Derek Wood (Mid) Summer Series - omaha Blue Groove Medium Bumpy D. Wood
18-20.07.2014 Jared Tebo Hot Rod Shootout Blue Groove High Smooth Kyosho USA
20-21.04.2013 Mackie Meyercord (17.5) JC Indoor Nats - Mike Hobby Shop Black-Groove High Smooth M. Meyercord
14.01.2013 Brandon Collins (Rear) Bremerton Blue-Groove/Clay Medium Smooth RC Tech
08.12.2012 Cody Turner (Rear) HRH & WCRC Blue Groove High RC Tech
20.11.2016 Joe Pillars (.6) 7th Invitational - Cottage Grove RC Raceway Clay High Smooth J. Pillars
02.11.2016 Matt Chambers (.6) MHOR RC Raceway Clay High Dusty, Wet M. Chambers
28.09.2016 Mike Champ (.6) Proving Grounds Clay Medium Bumpy M. Champ
25.09.2016 Kohta Akimoto (.6/17.5) Stock Combat - RC Maniax Clay Medium Smooth Kyosho
07.08.2016 Chris Jarosz (.6) OCRC Clay Medium Bumpy C. Jarosz
July 2016 Jared Tebo (.6) The Plex Clay High Smooth J. Tebo
21-24.01.2016 Jared Tebo (Mid) RRoC - OCRC Clay J. Tebo
10.01.2016 Jared Tebo (Mid) MidWest Champ - CRCRC Clay Medium Smooth J. Tebo
10.01.2016 Chris Jarosz (Mid) OCRC Clay Medium Smooth C. Jarosz
13.12.2015 Jared Tebo (Mid) Candy Cane - Mooreville Clay/Blue Groove Medium-High Smooth J. Tebo
05-06.12.2015 Jared Tebo (Mid) JC INS - Omaha Clay Medium Smooth J. Tebo
06.12.2015 Jason Dias (Mid) Holiday Brawl - OCRC Clay Medium J. Dias
22-23.08.2015 Tanner Day (Rear) North-West Inv. - Hubbard Clay High Smooth
06-09.08.2015 Tanner Day (Mid/17.5) ROAR Nats - SRS Clay High Smooth
03-05.08.2015 Elliott Boots (Mid) EC - RHR Dirt Clay Medium Smooth
18.07.2015 Akimoto Kohta Stock Combat - Champ Stadium Dirt Medium Yaggy
10.07.2015 Kevin King (Mid/17.5) SDRC Clay Medium Smooth K. King
28.06.2015 Kevin King (Mid) SDRC Clay Medium K. King
23.05.2015 Kevin King (Mid) JBRL - SDRC Clay Medium Bumpy K. King
14-15.03.2015 Jared Tebo (Mid) Cactus Classic - SRS Clay High Bumpy J. Tebo
Mar. 2015 Mike Aliberti (Mid) RC Excitement Clay/Soft Dirt Low-Medium Smooth M. Aliberti
Feb. 2015 Kevin King (Mid) SDRC Clay Medium Smooth K. King
11.02.2015 Matt Chambers (Mid) MHOR Clay High smooth M. Chambers
21-25.01.2015 Jared Tebo (Mid)
Cody King (Mid)
Reedy Race - OCRC Clay Medium Smooth JTPRC
C. King
09-11.01.2015 Jared Tebo (Mid) Mid West Champs - CRCRC Clay High, Wet Bumpy JTPRC
Nov. 2014 Jared Tebo (Mid) JC invitational - Fastlane Raceway Clay low Wet J. Tebo
Oct. 2014 Ryan Matesa (Mid) Gold cup - Tacoma Clay Smooth Kyosho America
13-14.09.2014 Remy Bertrand French Nats - Bonneville Dirt Low Bumpy R. Bertrand
31.08.2014 Taylor Timmerman (Mid) Trackside Clay Medium Smooth T. Timmerman
19-24.08.2014 Jared Tebo (Mid) ROAR Nats - Space Coast RC Clay Medium to High Bumpy J. Tebo
24.08.2014 Kohta Akimoto (Mid) Champ Stadium Clay Medium Kyosho
21.08.2014 Zack Roger (Mid) Rainman/OCRC Clay High Smooth K. King
14.08.2014 Kevin King (Mid) SDRC Clay, Dusty Medium Smooth K. King
14-19.07.2014 David Ronnefalk
European Champs - Trelleborg Clay/Dirt
21.06.2014 Kevin King (Mid) SDRC Clay, Dusty Medium Smooth K. King
08.06.2014 Joe Pillars Dave's RC - Portland Loose Dirt The Big RC
11-16.03.2014 Jared Tebo (Rear) Cactus Classic Clay High Smooth JTPRC
22.02.2014 Kenny Lutz (Mid) The Loft RC Clay Medium Smooth JTPRC
24-26.01.2014 Jared Tebo (Mid)
Cody King (Mid)
Reedy Race - OCRC Clay/BlueGroove Medium Smooth JTPRC
Kyosho USA
11-12.01.2014 Jared Tebo (Mid) Mid West Champs - CRCRC Clay Medium Bumpy JTPRC
08.01.2014 Jason Dias (Mid/17.5)
Derek Furutani (Mid/17.5)
Club Race - OCRC Clay Medium J. Dias
Kyosho USA
07.12.2013 Wayne Schroeder (Mid) Fastlane Raceway - Blue Spring Clay Low/Medium Smooth/Bumpy Pro Table
28.11.2013 Kevin King (Mid) Club Race - SDRC Clay Medium RC Tech
22.11.2013 Kevin King (Mid) Club Race - SDRC Clay Medium Bumpy RC Tech
17.11.2013 Andy DiBrino - Joe Pillars (Mid) Spektrum Race - Milwaukee Clay Medium Smooth Kyosho USA
09.11.2013 Andy DiBrino PNS - Portland Clay High Smoth 2wdmod
Nov. 2013 Kim Melgar (Mid/17.5) Exeter Clay Low-Medium Wet RC Tech
12.10.2013 Mike Larcher (Mid/17.5) IRH New York Clay High Smooth RC Tech
2013 Mike Larcher (Rear/17.5) IRH New York Clay High Smooth RC Tech
22-25.09.2013 Jared Tebo (Mid)
David Ronnefalk (Mid)
Ty Tessmann (Mid)
WC - Chico Clay w sugar Very High Smooth J. Tebo
01.09.2013 Yusuke Sugiura (Mid) Japan Nats - Yatabe Arena Clay High Smooth Kyosho
08-11.08.2013 Jared Tebo (Mid) ROAR Nats - Chico Blue Groove High Smooth Kyosho
13.07.2013 Tim Bremicker (Rear) Lehm Dirt Medium Smooth Kyosho
07.07.2013 Akimoto Kohta (Rear) RC Park Kers Dusty Medium Dry Kyosho
20.04.2013 Kevin King (Mid) SDRC Clay Medium Dusty K. King
05.03.2013 Scott Giles (Rear) Australian Nationals - Mildura Clay High Smooth S. Giles
15-17.03.2013 Jared Tebo (Mid) Cactus Classic - SRS Clay High Smooth
17.02.2013 Brandon Collins (Rear) Bremerton Clay/Blue Groove High Smooth B. Collins
09-10.02.2013 Cody Turner (Rear) JC Winter Nats - SmacTrack, St Louis Clay Medium Smooth
24-27.01.2013 Jared Tebo
Atsuchi Hara (Mid)
Reedy Race - WCRC Clay Medium Smooth, Wet Kyosho
19.01.2013 Kevin King (Rear) SDRC Clay Medium Dusty RC Tech
18.01.2013 Mackie Meyercord (Rear) Mike Hobby Shop Clay Low-Medium Bumpy M. Meyercord
12-13.01.2013 Jared Tebo (Rear) MidWest Champs - CRCRC Clay High, wet Smooth The Big RC
16.12.2012 Kevin King (Rear) SDRC Clay Medium RC Tech
08.12.2012 Kevin King (Rear) SDRC Clay Medium RC Tech
04.11.2012 Akimoto Kohta (Rear) JMRCA Nats - Yatabe Arena Clay Medium Smooth, Wet Kyosho
03.11.2012 Frank Honson (Mid) Kalkaska Clay Low/Medium Smooth, Dusty Frank Honson
30.10.2012 Dean Vuckovich (Rear) SRS Clay RC Tech
20.10.2012 Cody Turner (Rear) JBRL - HRH Blue Groove High Kyosho
20.10.2012 Mike Sanders (Rear) 80/35 Raceway Clay Medium Wet RC Tech
14.10.2012 Brandon Collins (Rear) Gold Cup Clay RC Tech
13.10.2012 Kevin King (17.5/Rear) SDRC Clay Medium Dry, Wet RC Tech
13.10.2012 Mike Sanders (Rear) 80/35 Raceway Clay Medium Wet RC Tech
10.10.2012 Jason Dias (17.5/Rear) WCRC Clay High J. Dias
07.10.2012 Frank Honson (Rear) CDS Hobbies Clay Medium Smooth RC Tech
07.10.2012 Jason Dias (17.5/Rear) WCRC Clay High J. Dias
30.09.2012 Kohta Akimoto (Rear) Yatabe Arena Clay Medium Smooth Kyosho
Aug. 2012 Jared Tebo (Rear) ROAR Nats - WCRC Clay Medium Smooth Kyosho
Aug 2012 Team Drivers Japan (Rear) Dusty Medium Dry Kyosho
July 2012 Jared Tebo (Rear) HRS - HRH Clay Smooth Kyosho
17.08.2013 Kevin Lee BRCA Nats - OsWestry Grass Low, wet Smooth K. Lee
12.11.2016 Nick Caro (.6) Oople Series - Chadderton Rubber Floor Medium Smooth N. Caro
05.11.2016 Karl Marsden (.6) WS - Worksop Rubber Floor Medium Smooth K. Marsden
29.10.2016 Robert Sorjonen (.6) Outlow Points - Cloverdale Ozite High R. Sorjonen
23.10.2016 Tanner Day (.6) Northwest Hobbies - Albany Carpet High J. Pillars
16.09.2016 Shaun Thompson (.6) Mansfirld Carpet High R. Mills
15.09.2016 Tanner Day (.6) Northwest Hobbies - Albany Carpet High J. Pillars
13.09.2016 Richard Gasson (.6) Maritime Astroturf High R. Gasson
03.01.2016 Tim Benson (Mid/3) Berlin Cup Carpet
25.10.2015 Jack Embling (Mid) ORW - Maritime Carpet Medium Kyosho Europe
Oct. 2015 Roger Mills (Mid) WS - Silverstone Astro/Carpet High Smooth R. Mills
Oct. 2015 Roger Mills (Mid) Midlands Raceway Carpet Medium Smooth R. Mills
03-10.10.2015 Jared Tebo (Prototype) Worlds - Yatabe Arena Carpet High Smooth J. Tebo
17.09.2015 Tanner Day (Mid) Northwest Hobbies - Albany Astroturf High Smooth T. Day
31.05.2015 Baptiste Roch (Mid) TDS - Rumilly Carpet Medium B. Roch
May 2015 Jared Tebo (Mid) Practice - Bolivar Carpet High
15-17.05.2015 Naoto Matsukura (Mid) EOS - Trencin Carpet High
08.02.2015 Elliott Boots (Mid) Christmas Race - Dammartin Cork Floor Medium Low Kyosho
13.12.2014 Vincent Meertens (Mid) Christmas Race - Dammartin Carpet Medium J. Meertens
01.11.2014 Vincent Meertens (Mid) CML Masters - Louvres Carpet Smooth V. Meertens
02.03.2014 Tim Bremicker (Mid) Kappen Cup - Solms Carpet Medium Smooth Kyosho.de
Feb. 2013 Christoper Krapp (Mid) Off-Road Master - Burgdorf Carpet High C. Krapp
23.02.2013 David Poulter (Mid) Off Road Wars 2013 - Maritime Carpet/wood High-Low Smooth D. Poulter
09.02.2013 David Poulter (Mid) Winter Series - Silverstone Wood/Lino High Smooth D. Poulter
01-03.02.2013 David Poulter (Mid) EIR - Charleroi Astroturf/Wood High Smooth D. Poulter
13.01.2013 Fabien Simonini (Mid) Regional - Berthune Carpet High Smooth F. Simonini
13.01.2013 Matthew Latham (Mid) Chadderton Rubberised Cork Low-Medium Smooth-Bumpy C. Latham
13.01.2013 David Poulter (Mid) Winter Series - Maritime Carpet/Wood Low-Medium Smooth D. Poulter
05-06.01.2013 David Poulter (Mid)
Christoper Krapp (Mid)
EOS - Langenfeld Carpet/Wood High Smooth D. Poulter
08.12.2012 David Poulter (Mid) Winter Series - Silverstone Astroturf/Lino/Wood High D. Poulter
02.12.2012 Matthew Latham (Mid) Croston Low/Medium oOple
10-11.11.2012 Thomas Lo (Mid) Champs Cup - Merlevenez Medium T. Lo
11.11.2012 Elliott Boots (Mid)
Tony Evdoka (Mid)
Off Road Wars -Maritime Med-High
Smooth Kyosho
21.10.2012 Matthew Latham (Mid)
Nick Caro (Mid)
Chadderton Rubberised Cork Medium-High Smooth C. Latham
N. Caro
20.10.2012 David Ronnefalk (Mid) VBC Borňs High Smooth Neobuggy
14.10.2012 David Ronnefalk (Mid) Kallinge Raceway Medium Smooth D. Ronnefalk
14.10.2012 Nick Caro (Mid) Worksop Indoors Rd1 Low/High Smooth N. Caro
06.10.2012 David Ronnefalk (Mid) Hoor RCK High Smooth D. Ronnefalk
21.09.2012 Matthew Latham (Mid) Croston Carpet Low-High Smooth C. Latham
11.09.2012 Kevin Lee (Mid) Silverstone Indoor Astroturf High Smooth K. Lee
Soft Dirt
01.08.2015 Rob Denhardt RCHR Soft Dirt Medium-Low Smooth-Bumpy RC Tech
July 2014 Andy Di Brino Hot Rod Shootout Soft Dirt Medium-Low Smooth, dry, wet Kyosho USA

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