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Manual & Diagram Source
WildFire Manual VBC Racing
WildFire Dynamics Edition
WildFire Review Area52
Blank Setup Sheet
WildFire Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
WildFire Editable Setup Sheet M. Fernández Sanz
Base Setup Sheet
WildFire Default Setup Arn0

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Surface Traction Layout Source
25-26.05.2013 Lucas Urbain
Olivier Pierrat
French Nats - Nantes Bumpy-Smooth Medium Fast J. Jost
17-19.05.2013 Lucas Urbain
Olivier Bultynck
ETS - Apeldoorn Bumpy
Fast L. Urbain
VBC Racing
05-06.05.2013 Andrew Knapp ROAR Nats - NorCal Hobbies RC Tech
24.02.2013 Patrick Poon
Siu Hung (13.5)
Womg Kok Wai (13.5)
TITC - RC Addict High VBC Racing
27.01.2013 Ray Poon (13.5) Mutli Top Race - HongKong Medium VBC Racing
02.09.2012 Carlos Fernandez (10.5) Spanish Nats - Madrid Medium VBC Racing
Aug. 2012 Dave Johnson ROAR Paved Nats - Leisure Hours High Smooth VBC Racing
27.05.2012 Max Kuenning Reedy Race - NorCal Hobbies RC Tech
23-24.03.2013 Olivier Pierrat (10.5) French Nats - Loos Medium J. Jost
14.03.2013 Dave Johnson Canadian Nats - Welland Medium VBC racing
14.10.2012 Dave Johnson Lou Raceway RC Tech
01-06.10.2012 Brian IIC - Las Vegas RC Tech
27.09.2012 Ray Sundland Middle River Hobbies CRC Carpet RC Tech
23.09.2012 Rui Goncalves Horsham RC CRC Carpet RC Tech
27.08.2012 Jason Schreffler
Ron Goetter
Middle River Hobbies CRC Carpet RC Tech

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