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Manual & Diagram Source
WildFire D06 Manual VBC Racing
WildFire D06 Exploded View
WildFire Gear Chart (xls)
WildFire D06
WildFire D06 Dynamics Edition
True Big Bore Touring Shocks Set D-05-VBC-0094
Montaje (Spanish) -Parte 1 -Parte 2 -Parte 3
TBB Shocks Build (Spanish)
Build & Review The RC Racer
Blank Setup Sheet
WildFire D06 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Base Setup Sheet
WildFire D06 Default Setup VBC Racing
Lucas Urbain Base Asphalt Setup L. Urbain
VBCRacingShop Base Asphalt Setup VBC Racing Shop
Korey Harbke Base Carpet Setup (17.5) VBC Racing
Micha Kiesewetter Indoor Carpet Setup VBC Racing Shop
Tips & Tricks
Battery Strap
Chassis protection
Servo screw
Long Spring Modification

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Surface Traction Layout Source
19.07.2015 Samuel Forbes DM - Bamberg Bumpy Low N. Feldt
May 2015 Samuel Forbes Fantasy World Hobbies Bumpy Low S. Forbes
Aug. 2014 Jimmy Maddison (17.5) Stafford Bumpy-Smooth Low Outdoor J. Maddison
27.07.2014 Ryan Maker AOC - Adrenalin Arena Smooth High Indoor VBC Racing
20.07.2014 Lucas Urbain Hot Race Cup - Pista Axa Smooth-Bumpy Medium-High Outdoor L. Urbain
20.07.2014 Nicolas Delise BNK Nats - Rucphen Medium-High Outdoor N. Delise
04-06.07.2014 Mustafa Alp (Stock) ETS - Trencin Smooth Medium-High Outdoor M. Alp
15.06.2014 Korey Harbke Fastrax Bumpy Medium Outdoor K. Harbke
06-08.06.2014 Lucas Urbain ETS - Luxembourg Bumpy Medium Outdoor L. Urbain
23-25.05.2014 Ryan Maker NSW Titles - SMA Smooth Medium-Hi Indoor VBC Racing
23-25.05.2014 Randy Caster Reedy Race - Aliso Viejo Smooth Medium GridWorks
04.05.2014 Martin Schuster "BOR" 1.MRC Wr - Neustadt Smooth Medium Outdoor VBC Racing
16.03.2014 Hein Kotze (13.5/Mod) Trap Smooth Medium H. Kotze
20-23.02.2014 Surikarn Chaidajsuriya
Ryan Maker
E.C. Kim
TITC - Huge RC High VBC Racing Australia
19.01.2014 E.C. Kim (13.5) New Year Race - Trackside Korea Smooth High E.C. Kim
05.01.2014 Ryan Maker Adrenalin Arena Smooth High Indoor VBC Racing
01.01.2014 E.C. Kim Trackside Korea Smooth High E.C. Kim
28.12.2013 Surikarn Chaidajsuriya (13.5) Ride Cup - Huge RC High S. Chaidajsuriya
14.12.2013 Atsushi Hara HW Cup Bumpy Medium VBC Racing
19.10.2013 VBCRacingShop Tamiya America Smooth Medium-High VBC Racing Shop
21-22.09.2013 Lucas Urbain French Nats - Emerainville Bumpy Low Tight J. Jost
07.09.2013 Micha Kiesewetter Andernach Smooth Low-Medium M. Kiesewetter
24-25.08.2013 Lucas Urbain French Cup - Besanšon Smooth Low-Medium J. Jost
24-26.08.2013 Ryan Maker Hobby Habbit Smooth Low Indoor VBC Racing
17-18.08.2013 Olivier Bultynck AOC - RC City High VBC Racing
17-18.08.2013 Surikarn Chaidajsuriya AOC - RC City Hi S.Chaidajsuriya
19-21.07.2013 Lucas Urbain ETS - Trencin Medium-Hi L. Urbain
05.07.2013 Lucas Urbain Luxemboug Bumpy-Smooth Low L. Urbain
22-23.06.2013 Lucas Urbain French Nats - Montbrison Bumpy Low-Medium L. Urbain
23.06.2013 Ryan Maker Testing - Bendigo Smooth Medium Tight RC Tech
02.08.2015 Dean Paraskevas (21.5/Foam) ACT Indoor Carpet Titles - Canberra Smooth Medium/High F. Paraskevas
01.02.2015 Andreas Gillblad Swedish Nationals Smooth Bumpy Medium/High Fast/Flowing A. Gillblad
Jan. 2015 Samuel Forbes Seattle Smooth Medium S. Forbes
Nov. 2014 Samuel Forbes Seattle Smooth S. Forbes
14-18.10.2014 Sandro Kuriger IIC - Las Vegas Smooth High VBC Racing
13.04.2014 Chris Hillier 5280 Raceway Smooth Low C. Hillier
14-16.03.2014 Lucas Urbain LRP TCM Smooth Medium Mixed L. Urbain
02.03.2014 Chris Hiller ROAR Nats - Omaha Medium-Low C. Hiller
12.01.2014 Chris Hiller 5280 Raceway Smooth Medium-Low C. Hiller
05.01.2014 Nicolas DelisÚ (Ride 30) Modelifun Smooth Medium-High N. DelisÚ
14-15.12.2013 Nicolas DelisÚ GP3F - Longwy Smooth Medium N. DelisÚ
15.12.2013 Chris Hiller 5280 Raceway Smooth Medium-Low C. Hiller
01-03.11.2013 Lucas Urbain ETS - Hrotovice Smooth High L. Urbain
06.10.2013 Lucas Urbain WS Rd1 - Longwy Bumpy High L. Urbain
30.09.2013 Korey Harbke TimeZoneII Smooth Medium VBC Racing
29.09.2013 Dave Johnson Fall Fiasco Smooth High VBC Racing
25.09.2013 Dave Ehrich (17.5) Hangar30 Medium VBC Racing
05-07.07.2013 Ryan Maker AOC - Melbourne Smooth High Mixed RC Tech

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