This car replaces the YZ4

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Manuals Source
YZ4SF - Manual Yokomo
YZ4SF2 - Manual
Spring Chart
Gear Ratio, Differential Height Adjustement, Pill Chart
Gear Chart
YZ4SF - Introduction, features and pictures
YZ4SF2 - Introduction, features and pictures
YZ4SF2 - Details by Shin Adachi
YZ-2CA/YZ-4 Aluminum offset rear hub carrier set (0░) for Z4-008RS4/008RL5 suspension arm
Blank Setup Sheet
YZ4SF Editable Setup Sheet
YZ4SF2 Editable Setup Sheet
Starting Setup
Lee Martin - Astroturf Base Setups (Low & Medium-High)
John Painter Starting Indoor Setup Winter 2018-2019
YZ4SF2 Astroturf/Carpet Setup
Tips & Tricks
Electronics Setups
YZ4SF Build Tips
LMR Yokomo Advice
YZ4SF2 Build Tips

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
21-22.05.2022 Lee Martin (SF2) BRCA Nats - Southport Astroturf High
07-08.05.2022 Lee Martin (SF2) EC Warm-up - RHR Astroturf High Bumpy L. Martin
25-26.09.2021 Lee Martin (SF2) RHR Astroturf Medium Bumpy L. Martin
03-04.08.2019 Tom Cockerill BRCA Nats - Boughton Astroturf Nemo Racing
Sept 2018 Julien Fromentin Gargenville Astroturf High J. Fisher
12.08.2018 John Painter Coastal MCC Astroturf High J. Painter
30.06.2018 Joey Fisher Beachline Astroturf Hign Bumpy J. Fisher
02-03.06.2018 Lee Martin
Tom Cockerill
BRCA Nats - Telford Astroturf Medium
J. Fisher
20-22.04.2018 Lee Martin EOS - Arena33 Astroturf Medium Bumpy L. Martin
14-15.04.2018 Lee Martin BRCA Nats - RHR Astroturf Medium Bumpy L. Martin
25.03.2018 Tom Cockerill RHR Astroturf Medium Bumpy T. Cockerill
17.10.2020 Matthew Gonzales (SF2/13.5) JBRL - SDRC Hard Packed M. Gonzales
04.10.2020 Nana Kaiho (SF2) Bamboo Circuit Dirt Medium Yokomo
26.09.2020 Matthew Gonzales (SF2) JBRL - Rainmans Hard Packed M. Gonzales
27.06.2020 Ryan Maifield (SF2)
Jake Thayer (SF2/13.5)
JBRL - OCRC Hard Packed High Smooth J. Pillars
J. Thayer
27.06.2020 Jake Thayer (13.5) JBRL - OCRC Hard Packed High Bumpy J. Pillars
21.06.2020 Ryan Maifield
Tanner Ashmore (13.5)
HRS - HRH Hard Packed High Smooth J. Pillars
08.03.2020 Ryan Maifield Desert Classic - Hobby Action Hard Packed High Bumpy Yokomo
23-26.01.2020 Ryan Maifield RROC - OCRC Hard Packed Yokomo
10-12.01.2020 Ryan Maifield MIdWest Champs - CRCRC Hard Packed High Yokomo
08.12.2019 Matthew Gonzales AE Race Hard Packed High Yokomo
06.10.2019 Harley Yoshii Gold Cup - TRCR Hard Packed Low-Medium Smooth Yokomo
Sept. 2019 Matthew Gonzales OCRC Dirt Medium-High J. Fisher
28.08.2019 Ryan Maifield ROAR Nats - EN Hobbies Hard Packed High Yokomo
07.07.2019 Kaito Kodera
Kaito Kodera
Japan Nats - RC Park Gojo Clay Medium-High Smooth Yokomo
18-19.05.2019 Ryan Maifield INS - TRCR Hard Packed Medium-High Smooth Yokomo
29.04.2019 Jake Thayer (13.5) INS - OCRC Hard Packed High Smooth J. Fisher
21.04.2019 Yusuke Sugiura Champ Stadium Clay Low-Medium Bumpy Yokomo
10.03.2019 Ryan Maifield
Ryan Maifield
Desert Classic Hard Packed High Smooth J. Pillars
J. Thayer
10.03.2019 Yusuke Sugiura RC Maniax Arena Hard Packed High Smooth Yokomo
09.03.2019 Joey Fisher (13.5) DDHRC Hard Packed Low-Medium Bumpy J. Fisher
08-10.02.2019 JP Richards INS - Velocity RC Dirt Medium-High Smooth J. Fisher
25-27.01.2019 Ryan Maifield
Ryan Cavalieri
Lee Martin
Kaito Kodera
RROC - OCRC Hard Packed Medium Smooth S. Adachi
10-13.01.2019 Ryan Maifield CRCRC Hard Packed High Bumpy S. Adachi
28.10.2018 Max Flurer Beach RC Hard Packed High Smooth-Bumpy J. Fisher
07.10.2018 Alfredo Morales Coral Spring RC Hard Packed/Blue Groove Medium Bumpy A. Morales
01.07.2018 Chad Eubanks Valley Champ - Rainmans Clay Medium Smooth C. Eubanks
08.07.2018 Bastien Garcia St Gaudens Clay Low Smooth B. Garcia
16.06.2018 William White Irish Nats - BADMCC Dirt/Astroturf/Wood Low-Medium W. White
09-10.06.2018 Antoni Caretti Mildura Clay Low Bumpy A. Caretti
20.05.2018 Jake Thayer INS - TRCR Clay High Smooth J. Thayer
19.05.2018 Alfredo Morales Mills Pond Blue Groove Medium-High Bumpy A. Morales
14-15.04.2018 Randy Pike April Fool - IRCR Hard Packed High Smooth R. Pike
02-04.03.2018 Ryan Maifield
Jake Thayer
Desert Classic Clay High
16.02.2018 Bryce Miller Gold Coast Clay High B. Miller
10-11.02.2018 Max Flurer INS - Smactrac
18-21.01.2018 Ryan Maifield RROC - OCRC Clay Medium Smooth J. Pillars
05-07.01.2018 Ryan Maifield CRCRC Hard Packed Medium Bumpy J. Pillars
06.01.2018 Tom Fielding Whip It - Reno Clay Medium-High Bumpy T. Fielding
03.01.2018 Jerry Walter Hobby Action Hard Packed Medium Bumpy J. Walter
17.12.2017 Jake Fisher (13.5) Southside Raceway Blue Groove Low-Medium Bumpy J. Fisher
09-10.12.2017 Ryan Maifield JC SNS - Speed RC Hard Packed Medium J. Pillars
08.12.2017 Jake Thayer OCRC Clay High Smooth-Bumpy J. Thayer
11-18.11.2017 Ryan Maifield
Lee Martin
WC - Xiamen Hard Packed Medium Bumpy Yokomo
10.06.2018 John Painter Colchester Grass Low-Medium Bumpy J. Painter
19.12.2021 Yusuke Sugiura (SF2) RC Maniax Arena Carpet High Bumpy Yokomo
04.10.2021 Nana Kaiho (SF2) Yatabe Arena Carpet High Yokomo
21-22.11.2020 Matthew Gonzales (SF2/13.5) Florida Carpet Champs - Myrthe Beach Carpet J. Pillars
18-19.01.2020 Lee Martin British GP Carpet High L. Martin
05-06.10.2019 Brad Borneill IORCC - Las Vegas Carpet Medium Smooth J. Fisher
14.04.2019 Ryan Maifield INS - Albany Carpet High Smooth J. Fisher
24.03.2019 Matthew Gonzales NCTS - Las Vegas Carpet M. Gonzales
01-03.02.2019 Raoul Nebelung EOS - Daun Carpet High Smooth R. Nebelung
15.12.2018 Baptiste Roch SIORC Carpet Medium B. Roch
30.11.2018 Brad Borneill Rock Star - PDX Carpet High Smooth B. Borneill
23-25.11.2018 Max Flurer IOCC - Las Vegas Carpet High Smooth J. Fisher
17-18.11.2018 Baptiste Roch Coupe des Chanmpions - Louvres Carpet High J. Fisher
11.11.2018 John Painter Silverstone Carpet High Smooth J. Painter
21.10.2018 Shin Adachi Alliance RC Astroturf Medium S. Adachi
16.10.2018 Brad Borneill PDX Underground Carpet High B. Borneill
14-16.09.2018 Lee Martin EOS - Nurburgring Carpet High
11.07.2018 Brad Borneill RC Plus Hobbies Carpet High Smooth B. Borneill
20-22.04.2018 Ryan Maifield Brandon Foote JC Carpet - Albany Carpet High Smooth J. Pillars
23-25.02.2018 Lee Martin EOS - Trencin Carpet High Smooth
04.02.2018 Baptiste Roch Lyon Carpet High Smooth B. Roch
26-28.01.2018 Lee Martin EOS - Daun Carpet High Smooth L. Martin
28.01.2018 Tom Cockerill Worksop Cork Floor Medium Smooth T. Cockerill
13.01.2018 Tom Fielding CKRC - Reno Astroturf High Bumpy T. Fielding
13-14.01.2018 Paul Crompton MKGP Carpet High N. Lewis
13.01.2018 Baptiste Roch SIORC Carpet Medium Smooth B. Roch
30.12.2017 Alfredo Moreales
Joey Fisher (13.5)
Beachline Astroturf High
Bumpy A. Morales
J. Fisher
23.12.2017 Thomas Wuller Limburg Carpet High T. Wuller
15-17.12.2017 Bartek Zambrzycki XRS - Lodz Carpet High B. Zambrzycki
17.12.2017 Freddie Russell TORCH Carpet High Smooth F. Russell
16.12.2017 Arnaud Ledun Dammartin Carpet Medium Smooth A. Ledun
14.12.2017 Shin Adachi Yatabe Arena Carpet High S. Adachi
09.12.2017 Tim Benson Hasloh Carpet High T. Benson
06.12.2017 Shin Adachi Yatabe Arena Carpet High S. Adachi
09-13.10.2017 Ryan Maifield IOCC - Las Vegas

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