This car replaces the B-Max4 III

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Setups: Astroturf, Clay/Dirt, Grass, Indoor, Miscellaneous

Manuals Source
YZ4 - Manual Yokomo
YZ4 - Parts List
YZ4 - Exploded View
Spring Chart
Pill Chart (Toe & Anti-Squat)
YZ4 - Introduction, features and pictures
YZ4 - Review C. Sturdy
YZ-2CA/YZ-4 Aluminum offset rear hub carrier set (0░) for Z4-008RS4/008RL5 suspension arm
Blank Setup Sheet
YZ4 Editable Setup Sheet
Starting Setup
Shin Adachi - Carpet Setup
Shin Adachi - Clay Setup
Chris Sturdy - Dirt Setup
Lee Martin - Aatroturf Setup
Tips & Tricks
Electronics Setups
Protect wires from spur & pinion J. Painter
Gear Diff Tips L. Martin
Slipper Modification - Jason Grimes / Neal Lewis

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
01.07.2017 Tom Fielding CKRC - Reno Astroturf High Bumpy T. Fielding
20-21.05.2017 Lee Martin BRCA Nats - TORCH Astroturf Medium-High L. Martin
29.04.2017 Brad Borneill Poor Boy Raceway Astroturf High Smooth R. Pike
14.08.2016 Lee Martin BRCA Nats - TORCH Astroturf
17.07.2016 Simon Moss BRCA Nats - Telford Astroturf Medium S. Moss
03.07.2016 Tom Cockerill Belgium GP - Kampenhout Astroturf Low (wet) Smooth T. Cockerill
03.07.2016 Markus Schmidt Panik Raceway Astroturf High Smooth oOple
12.06.2015 Lee Martin BRCA Nationals - EPR Astroturf Low (wet) Bumpy L. Martin
27.12.2015 Lee Martin TORCH Astroturf Low (wet) Bumpy-Smooth L. Martin
30.09.2017 Travis Slover (13.5) Jack RC Clay/Blue-Groove Medium-High Bumpy T. Slover
April .2017 Ethan Kovalsky (13.5) Hobby Action Clay Medium Smooth R. Pike
29-03/02.04.2017 Steven Northrup (17.5) April Fool - IRCR Hard Packed High R. Pike
19-22.01.2017 Ryan Maifield Reedy Race - OCRC Clay Smooth
23.10.2016 Bastien Garcia St Gaudens Clay Medium Smooth B. Garcia
21.10.2016 Jason Grimes SRI Clay Medium Bumpy J. Grimes
01.10.2016 Chris Sturdy Sunshine Coast Clay Low Smooth C. Sturdy
25-30.07.2016 Lee Martin EC - Valladolid Dirt Low Bumpy Yokomo
16-17.07.2016 Carson Wernimont HRS - HRH Dirt High Smooth C. Wernimont
May 2016 Lee Martin EC Warm-up - Valladolid Dirt/Astroturf/Concrete Low Bumpy L. Martin
12-13.03.2016 Lee Martin
Carson Wernimont
Kaito Kodera
Cactus Classic - SRS Hard Packed High Smooth R. Itoh
21.02.2016 Chris Sturdy Sunshine Coast Clay Low Bumpy C. Sturdy
13.02.2016 Paul Bails OCRC Clay Medium-High Bumpy-Smooth P. Bails
02.01.2016 David Gibson Gaitherburg Dirt Low D. Gibson
01.12.2015 Shin Adachi Clay Low Yokomo
09-12.10.2017 Tom Fielding IOCC - Las Vegas Carpet High Smooth T. Fielding
02.07.2017 Kaito Kodera JMRCA - Yatabe Arena Carpet High Smooth R. Itoh
June 2017 Team Drivers JMRCA (Start Setup) Carpet High Smooth Yokomo
21-23.04.2017 Lee Martin EOS - Wels Carpet High Smooth S. Adachi
01-02.04.2017 Shin Adachi (CA)
Kaito Kodera (CA)
BAM - Shanghai Astroturf AsiaRC
17-19.03.2017 Lee Martin EOS - Arena33 Carpet High Smooth L. Martin
03-05.02.2017 Daniel Kobbevik
Shin Adachi
Daniel Kobbevik
Marc Rheinard
EOS - Trencin Carpet High N. Lewis
06.11.2016 Daniel Kobbevik VBC Invit - Stockholm Carpet High M. Kobbevik
25.10.2016 Kaito Kodera
Shinya Kimura
Yatabe Arena Astroturf High Yokomo
18.09.2016 Lee Martin
Marc Rheinard
EOS - Nurburgring Carpet High Smooth S. Adachi
17.07.2016 Chris Sturdy NZOIC Carpet Medium-High Smooth C. Sturdy
01.05.2016 Lee Martin EOS - Nurburgring Carpet High Smooth L. Martin
26.02.2016 Lee Ralph Halesowen Carpet High Smooth L. Ralph
13-14.02.2016 Peter Forster Indoor Master - Kongen Carpet Medium Smooth P. Forster
06-07.02.2016 Peter Forster Swiss Nats - Stafa Carpet Medium Smooth P. Forster
29-31.01.2016 Lee Martin
Marc Rheinard
EOS - Muelheim-Kaerlich Carpet High Smooth L. Martin
29-31.01.2016 Marc Rheinard EOS - Muelheim-Kaerlich Carpet M. Rheinard
03.01.2016 Minesh Tailor Batley Gym Floor/Carpet Low Smooth M. Tailor
01.12.2015 John Painter Maritime Carpet/Wood Low-High Smooth L. Martin
29.11.2015 Lee Martin ORW - Maritime Carpet/Wood Low-Medium Smooth L. Martin
20-22.11.2015 Lee Martin
Kaito Kodera
EOS - Trencin Carpet High Smooth L. Martin
22.11.2015 Kai Kikuchi Yatabe Arena Astroturf High Smooth Yokomo
11.2015 Shin Adachi Carpet High Smooth
03-10.10.2015 Tom Cockerill
Kaito Kodera
Hayato Matsuzaki
WC - Yatabe Arena Astroturf High Smooth T. Cockerill

Created: 2015.09.20