- Yokomo YZ-2CA/YZ-4 Aluminum offset rear hub carrier set (0) for Z4-008RS4/008RL5 suspension arm -

Aluminum offset rear hub carrier set for YZ-2CA / YZ-4. The axle holding section and the upper arm mount by a separate body parts, it is now possible to finely adjust the mounting position of the upper arm by recombination. In addition, the movement of the suspension becomes smooth by a short-only Universal of the axle part, a sense of stability is improved in all track conditions. To reduce the high side in the high grip road surface, it allows for a more high-speed cornering. In the low-grip road surface to improve control at the time of power-on, you should be able to obtain a stable cornering characteristics. Offset rear hub carrier and link mount, a set of universal shaft, will fit in Z4-008RS4 / 008RL5 suspension arms.

If you want to use rear arm Z2-008R, you have to use B-MAX4 C-clip rear axle (BM-010RAC) and 65mm dog bone (Z2-01050B).