Here is the setup for my Yokomo YZ-4SF from the International Offroad Carpet Championship. I have gone a very different direction then most have, working hard to remove as much flex from the car as I could. I am using the Yokomo Hard Chassis as well as my own center braces. I feel this really improves the predictability of the car, as well as making the suspension work to its full potential. The new front brace also removed the problem with the 2 bulkhead screws stripping out, instead a screw is inserted from under the brace and a 5.5mm nut is used to hold down the bulkhead.

I am currently working to get the center bracers made out of Aluminum to test. Though the ABS 3D printed ones I have been running have held up very well, its not something I would feel comfortable selling. If you have a 3D printer that will do something with less flex then PLA, and want to try them out, hit me up for the STL! If you are local to the NW area I am happy to print out a set for you to try, just let me know!

I will be attending DieHard RC race this weekend, and will post a updated setup after the race for those of us, like myself who prefer to run Schumacher Tires. The very different feel of Fusion fronts will need a bit of a tweak to the front end to feel right I think.

Converting the setup to a JPG still messed up the comment section so here is what was removed.

Yokomo HARD Chassis
LateStageRC Front and Rear HARD chassis braces.
Car has VERY little flex front to back, and overall is much stiffer then stock. This makes the tuning window VERY small but the car is crazy consistent and predictable.
Spring in front and behind center slipper.


B. Borneill