Ryan Maifield is at the 2017 International Offroad Carpet Championship and running the new Team Yokomo YZ-4 SF (the SF stands for "shaft/factory") and already showing great speed. Extensive testing has gone in to the buggy and it is close to hitting the market, although there are a few things in this prototype buggy that will change for production. A big highlight on this new YZ-4 version is the ability to raise or lower the front and rear transmission/diff cases. This is something normally seen on belt-driven touring cars, but unusual for shaft-drive and a key feature for tuning. The buggy also has an extremely straight and level driveline to be as efficient and "free" without any angles. Shocks remain the same from the previous version, but it was decided to go with new front and rear arms that are thicker, stiffer and more durable. The JConcepts Inc Silencer BMax4 III body and wing are older, but the new kit will come with new, updated JConcepts Inc versions. Ryan also uses JConcepts Inc tuning items including titanium-finned turnbuckles, while his titanium screws are by RP, a division of Team Yokomo. The buggy should be avaialble soon in the USA at AMain Hobbies.

Transmitter: SANWA M12s
Speed Control: Team Orion HMX 10
Motor: Team Orion Vortex Ultimate Mod 5.5T
Battery: Team Orion 4500mAh Carbon Pro shorty 2S LiPo
Servo: MKS ServosUSA.com X6 HBL599
Body: JConcepts Inc Silencer for the BMax4 III
Tires (f/r): JConcepts Inc Swaggers/ JConcepts Inc Pin Downs (spec tires for International Offroad Carpet Championship)