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Setups: Asphalt, Carpet

Manual Source
A800FX Manual Awesomatix
ADC (Advanced Damper Cup) Manual
A800FX - Spec & Images
A800FX - Build
Gear Chart
Suspension Rates
Roll Centre Calculator - Roll Centre Calculator - Roll Centre CalculatorV162 THard
Blank Setup Sheet
A800FX Editable Setup Sheet Awesomatix/Arn0
Tips & Tricks
ST69 Spring Screw Overview M. Machler
Bodyshell Mounting M. Machler
Bodyshell Position M. Machler
P63 Assembly Tip M. Machler
Steering Link Tip M. Machler
Starting Setup
Indoor Starting Setups (Low-Medium & Medium-High Traction) M. Machler
Indoor Starting Setup (Arena33) M. Machler
Outdoor Starting Setup (Heuchelheim) M. Machler

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Layout Traction Source
17-20.09.2020 Steven Olsen ETS - Andernach Technical-Mixed Medium M. Machler
03-05.09.2020 Florian Luyer Austian Nats - Wiener-Neustadt Mixed-Fast High M. Machler
15-16.08.2020 Marwin Riedelbauch TOS - Andernach Mixed Medium M. Machler
08.06.2020 Oliver Kaufmann Test - Meckenheim Technical Low M. Machler
31.05.2020 Max Machler RCK Ch. - Heuchelheim Mixed Medium M. Machler
16.05.2020 Max Machler Test - Heuchelheim Mixed M. Machler
27.10.2019 Fai Ho Xpress Cup - TRC Technical Medium M. Machler
07.07.2019 Max Machler TOS - Hann Munden Technical Medium M. Machler
23.06.2019 Max Machler Test - Asbach Fast Medium M. Machler
Carpet Driver Event - Place Layout Traction Source
07-09.02.2020 Marwin Riedelbauch (17.5) ETS - Daun Mixed-Fast High M. Machler
03-05.01.2020 Steven Olsen (17.5) DHI Cup - Odense Mixed-Fast Medium M. Machler
22.12.2019 Max Park (21.5) Indoor Master - GRC Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
06-08.12.2019 Alexander Stocker (17.5) EWS International Mixed High M. Machler
25-27.10.2019 Steven Olsen (17.5) ETS - Vienna Mixed High M. Machler
19.10.2019 Michal Bok (17.5) Hrotovice Mixed Medium-High M. Bok
10-13.10.2019 Max Machler (25.5) NYGP - 360v2 Mixed Medium M. Machler
12-13.10.2019 Jacques Libar (17.5) TOS - Arena33 Technical High J. Libar
29.09.2019 Max Machler Arena33 Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
22.08.2019 Brent Klingforth (25.5) 5280 Raceway Fast Medium Awesomatix USA
18.08.2019 Steven Olsen (21.5) 360v3 Mixed High Awesomatix USA

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