The correct installation and positioning of the steering-link is an important part of a good car build. As I noted, many racers oversee the importance of this or just don't know how it should be, I wanted to give a quick insight about my personal setting procedure. Please note, the overall setting depends on many different factors! - Servomount - Servohorn - Servo - Ballstuds It means - you probably can't copy my setup 1:1 in case you don't use the exact same components. But the method about setting is the same for all cars - models - brands. My used components: - MKS HBL575 SL Servo - Awesomatix AM24-20 optional Servomount - RC-Mission adjustable Servo Horn Check the comment of every picture to see the explanations of the steps and how to set it correct. Hope this TIP will be usefull for some racers out there :-)

My used components as overview.
MKS Servo Tech HBL575 SL Servo
Rc-Mission MI-ASH-F Adjustable Servo Horn
Awesomatix AM24-20 Optional Servomount

The goal is, to have a 90deg angle of the steering-link to the servo/servoholder. The picture show already the "final" and perfect setting.
You archive this angle by using the right amount of spacers between your Servo Horn and the Ballstud of the servo-link.
In the next steps I explain how I build my "perfect" setting.

With my components the perfect size of the spacer is 9.00mm. I used a Awesomatix Battery Post (AT26) and milled it to the needed length.
There are also other options to use, for example normal spacers and long ballstuds, but they are less sturdy in my opinion.

To attach the 9mm spacer to my RC-Mission servohorn I use a SS3x10 grub screw from Awesomatix.

I recommend to use soft thread lock at the thread of the grub screw to secure it in the adjustable slider of the Servo Horn.

In my case I needed to short the thread of the ST24 Ballstud to 4mm (cutted via Dremel) to get it fully screwed into the shorten AT26 Battery post.

Make sure to set your prefered Servo Horn height before you fully tight the Ballstud and spacer. With the SB1 steering i use 17.00mm height.

Hold the Grubscrew from backsite with a 1,5mm wrench and tight the front side with a 2,0mm wrench. It should be pretty tight to be reliable :-)

This is how the Steering-link look initial/neutral position. Many racers think the link should be 90deg in this position, but thats's incorrect. The best steering setting overall is to have the 90deg at full lock.

Full lock to the left side. As you can see the Steering-link lines up in a ~90deg angle to the Servo/case.


M. Machler