P63 Assembly Tip by M. Machler

My tips at assembling of the dampers with P63 are on the picture.
I am using the hand made probe (a piece of wire with the marks) for determining of the P63 position inside damper. At any time I can check where is P63 now and is there a space for P63 movement.

At this initial position P63 can move in both directions at the heat expansion and shrinkage of the oil.
The oil caught into rotor's thin channel between P63 thin leg and the channel's wall prevents the moving of P63 and it doesn't work.
So please don't lubricate the leg of P63 and please clean the rotor's hole before installation of P63 into rotor.

Awesomatix Damper "dipstick" TIP
Super cheap and usefull "dipstick" tip to help you building perfect dampers with the P63 Damper Pistons. With these its important that no oil floods from topside into the damper vane. This isn't so easy to ensure without closing of the SPR02 slots. The Q-Tip dipstick is a very helpfull DIY tool which help to place P63 and seal the SPR02 slots at the same time.

All you need is a "tube" with 2,5mm OD.
I found that Q-Tips tubes are the perfect size.

As mentioned in another tip and also in the ADC manual, the P63 piston should be at 12,50mm position inside the Damper vane.
Cut one side of the Q-Tip, mark 12,50mm and cut antother 10mm above your marking again.

Put your "dipstick" inside the slot till you reach the 12,5mm marking. It will help to keep P63 in place and also seal the slots of SPR02.

Screw the damper cup slowly and don't push the dipstick further in.

Clean the cavity a bit before you put in the OR155V.
Next up press the B85 bearing inside.

Remove the excessive oil before you release the dipstick. This ensure no oil floods into the SPR02 slots.

Finished and ready to put into damperholder


M. Machler