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"Cubed set-ups are somewhat different, because the car is both longer and wider. Depending on your electronics, if you run a shorty pack you may have to ballast the car to make minimum weight, and everyone who is running the car so far has run it light. Remember that both the 6 and the Squared needed ballast, and it made a difference how much and where you put it." - Charles Sinclair

Manual X-Factory
Details & Pictures
Parts List
Race Preparation
Paul Sinclair - Build

Blank Setup Sheet
Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Editable Setup Sheet (original XFactory) Arn0

Base Setup
UK Starting Setup X-Factory
US/Dirt Starting Setup X-Factory
Paul Sinclair - Standard Setup 2013 RC Tech
Andy Otoo - Base Carpet Setup A. Otoo
Paul Sinclair - Standard Setup 2014 RC Tech
Paul Sinclair - Outdoor Setup 2014 X-Factory
Paul Sinclair - General Indoor Setup 2015

Tips & Tricks
Electronics Setup

Astrotruf Driver Shocks Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
09-10.05.2014 Frank Picard French Nats - Mutzig Astroturf Low (wet) F. Picard
11.04.2014 Nick Malato AE RCHR - Waterbury Clay/Dirt Medium Smooth N. Malato
30.03.2014 Nathan Lavery AE Cactus Classic - SRS Grooved High X-Factory
30.03.2014 Nick Malato AE Tacoma RC Raceway Clay High Smooth N. Malato
10.12.2013 Brandon Dyche AE Tacoma RC Raceway Clay Medium-High Smooth B. Dyche
07.12.2013 Barge Kyosho Denver Clay High Smooth Barge
05-06.10.2013 Alexandre Desbrosses
Losi French Nats - Nantes Dirt Low Bumpy-Smooth A. Desbrosses
07-08.09.2013 Alexandre Desbrosses
Bertrand Grieu (13.5)
French Nats - Gonfreville Dirt Bumpy A. Desbrosses
N. Bocquet
25.08.2013 Bruno Heremans Kyosho BNK - Bergschenhoek Clay Low Bumpy B. Heremans
21.08.2013 Mark Samuelson AE Thunder Alley Dirt Medium Bumpy RC Tech
June 2015 Paul Sinclair AE Ft Wayne Carpet High X-Factory
09.12.2013 Gareth Cutting AE DMS Carpet Medium-High Smooth oOple
Nov. 2013 Bertrand Grieu Kyosho Neuville Carpet oOple
03.11.2013 Alexis Dufau-Cazenave Durango Bordoras Carpet Medium Smooth A. Desbrosses
Sept 2013 Alexandre Desbrosses Losi Dhuizon Carpet High Smooth A. Desbrosses
07.04.2013 Bruno Heremans Losi Black Country Arena Carpet High Smooth B. Heremans

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