- X-Factory X6 - Brandon Dyche - Tacoma RC Raceway - 10.12.2013 -

I spent ~6 hours this week testing different spring/oil combinations and landed on AE 35wt/1.7 piston/AE white spring/3 limiters in the front, AE 30wt/1.6 piston/AE grey spring/2 limiters in the rear. From what I've heard, 1.7 and 3x1.4 pistons have a similar feel, though I don't have the 3x1.4 pistons to test for myself. Team driver Justin Gilkison got me in the ball park on shock setup (my fronts were good from my donor car, but my rears were soft at 27.5wt/1.6), and I've just made a couple of little adjustments to get it right. I changed back and forth between AE white and TLR Pink rear springs (2.1 and 2.3, respectively) before trying the AE grey (2.2) and it really came to life - I dropped .7 seconds off of my best lap at Tacoma RC Raceway with no other changes from one run to the next.

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