- X-Factory X6 - Barge - MHOR - Denver - 07.12.2013 -

Just figured I'd share my latest setup as I think I got my setup to a really good spot for the tight high grip clay track here in Denver.

PDF File

I'm using some different parts so I'm not sure how much help it will be to all but I like the 2-stage pistons so far. I'm not sure how many people are running kyosho shocks.

The front shock length really was a huge difference in handling. Never realized how much that affected things until I started playing with it.

The brass rear hinge pin mount I'm using can be found at Rocket RC Parts
I worked with him to get it made up after seeing someone had hand made one in the SCX-60CF thread.

I'm getting some long kyosho shock ends as discussed earlier in this thread to get more rear shock length.

Also just as a note I'm using dubro captured ball ends for my steering links. 2 hole front caster blocks and an aluminum front bulkhead which i modified with grub screws. I've got very little front end play with this setup. To the point that another driver said he'd not felt less play in a front end.

My next experiment in removing play in the suspension will be replacing the hinge pins with 3mm pins (although the b4 pins are called 3mm they are .115 which is 3 thou less than 3mm) and reaming out all the joints for a precise fit.