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Specification & Photos Team Durango
Manual Team Durango
Parts List Team Durango
Exploded View Team Durango
Big Bore Spring Chart Arn0
TD Big Bore Spring Chart Team Durango
Gear Chart Arn0
TD "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
Option/Aftermarket Parts durangofansite
Blank Setup Sheet
Editable Setup Sheet If you want to share setup, e-mail address on the document Arn0
Base Setup
Cush - Clay Base Setup J. Probst
Tips & Tricks
DEST210 Build Competition X
DEX210 Motor Configuration Guide Team Durango
HD Ball Cups
Turnbuckle Build Guide Team Durango
Alternative ball cups - Kyosho JRT Racing
Insert Setup Guide Team Durango
25░ Caster Modification Team Durango
DEX210 Ball Differential Build Guide Team Durango
DEX210 Gear Diff Build Tresrey
DEX210 Gear Differential Team Durango
Shock Build Guide Team Durango
Bulletproof your CVD's Team Durango
Slipper Spacer Wear
Electronics Setups
Install Orion R10 in DEX210

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
Blue Groove
07.10.2012 Carson Wernimont Reedy Race Truck - HRH Blue Groove Medium-High Team Durango
Summer. 2013 Dillon Caldwel (MM4) SmacTrac - St Louis Clay/Dirt Medium/High Smooth Team Durango
02.03.2013 Brian Bush (RM3) Point Series - Redneck Raceway Clay Medium-High B. Bush
15.06.2012 Randy Pike (RM3) JC Summer Nats - Outback Raceway Clay Medium-High Team Durango/Team Tekin
15.04.2012 Dillon Caldwell (MM3) SmacTrac - St Louis Clay/Dirt Medium/High Team Durango
03.11.2012 Shannon Caldwell (17.5/MM3) SmacTrac Clay-Dirt Mix Medium S. Caldwell
Hard Packed

Created: 07/07/2012