- Team Durango DEX210 - Gear Differential Assembly -

TD210034 - Gear Diff Set
TD710002 - Circlip 8x0.8mm

Here are some explaination about how to build the gear differential.

First, the contents of the bag TD210034 is the following.

TD 330099 o-ring are used instead of a original X-ring.
Those o-ring will help to reduce oil leakage!

Insert the o-ring in the differential closing cover.
The recess where sit the o-ring is filled previously with some black grease to prevent leakage.

Secure the E-ring with a larger washer.
Those operations have to be do on both side.

Direction into the main gear has a smaller gear.
One side has to be subject to the shaft.

Install on side with four screws and the main seal.

Set the washers and 9tooth gears on shafts.

Lostate the 14tooth gear on the outdrive shaft and then the two previously assembled shafts.

Fill with grease, in our case some 1000wt.
And set the main seal.

Close the differnetial with the remaining cover.

To complete the build, use the four screws and tighten evenly.

The grease chosen here is 1000wt but you have to elect it according to your track and personal preference.

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