- Team Durango - HD Ball Cups -

Some racers were experiencing issue with the Team Durango HD cups on their DEX210, here are two solutions to fix this issue.

I heard the rumors flying around about the ball cups, while I built my kit, I grabbed one of the two trees that the cups came on, and flexed it back in forth, trying to snap it. After three bends back and forth it broke, so I boiled it (like you would boil eggs) and the cups, and did the flex thing after wards, and it took a loooong time, and it still wouldn't break cleanly, and haven't had a "pop" yet after 10 or so packs, and plenty of durability tests. I will say they could have used a little smaller hex for the broach on the studs..


I still haven't popped a stock HD ball cup off even after a couple of big tumbles and misjudging an off camber triple jump several times....... I have 25 packs through my car with no issues with them at all.

I keep reiterating this because I dont want prospective 210 buyers being discouraged that they HAVE to buy different ball cups and studs when there are plenty of people on here that have not had ANY problems with them. I've popped my share on my Tamiya and my Kyosho cars and its not uncommon to sometimes have problems even with new ball cups (I've even had Kyosho and Tamiya ones pop off while adjusting when new and tight).

My ballcups snap on as well as any other ball cups that I've installed on other cars. They do require a little more forethought when building them though....they are very tight to thread on and need to be worked back and forth (in and out) while threading them (basically tapping them out) so that they screw in and out more freely. Thread them completely in until they stop in the ball cup and work it in and out a few times until it feels easier to do. If you just thread them in and leave them to adjust after they are installed on the car, THEY WILL POP OFF while trying to adjust them. Doing them the way I did, I had no problem adjusting them after install and still dont. You may even put a little black grease or vaseline on the threads before threading them to try and smooth them out as well.

One other thing is...DO NOT use a driver through the hole in the end of the ball cup to use as a "T" wrench when building them. With as a tight as the threads are, I do believe that there is a very good possibility that the "cup" will get slightly stretched and elongated/deformed causing it not to fit on the ball properly and making it very easy for them to pop off in a crash.

These are my build tips that worked for me....hopefully they will work for the next guy.

Steve Butts