- Team Durango DEX210 - Angle de chasse de 25° -

The DEX210 has a vast range of setup options and among these is the adjustable caster. Using the two provided inserts in the kit you can choose between 15°, 20°, 30° & 35°. Right in the middle of that range is 25° - which matches the actual kick-up angle of the chassis. There’s currently no 0° (Zero degree) insert supplied in the kit to achieve this mid-range 25° setting but it’s still possible to achieve with a little modification.

The rear toe-in inserts are the same dimensions as the front caster inserts, only longer – and using the 0° rear toe-in inserts cut down, you can get a perfect 25° setting.

Right: Rear Hub toe-in insert compared to front caster insert.

You’ll need a spare set of 0° rear toe-in inserts, if you’re using the ones in your kit already you’ll need the following parts for the 25° caster modification:

Part No: TD330340 “HUB & KNUCKLE INSERT SET” – which includes all the inserts from the DEX210 along with the 0° rear toe-in inserts you’ll need.

To achieve the setting it’s best to place the insert into a hub carrier so one side is flush with the hub and carefully mark the excess which protrudes. You can always take more off but you can’t put it back on – so remove the now marked up insert from the hub and cut off the excess with a sharp knife. Keep test-fitting the insert until you’ve got close to matching the sides, finishing off the job with some fine sand paper or similar to get a perfect fit.

Safety – make sure to take great care when trimming the inserts when using sharp cutting tools.

Placing the insert into the front hub carrier and resting it so the insert is flush on one side – you can see how much material needs removing.

Carefully mark around the exposed insert so you’ll know how much to cut off.

Cut the insert close to the line you marked out – making sure there’s still room to remove more.

As you can see – still a little work to do – but you can always remove more.

Using a sharp knife trim the excess and finish with some sand paper or a file – keep testing the fit to ensure its perfect.

Almost done – this insert is cut and shaped to the right size and just needs cleaning up.

Here’s our new 0° insert alongside a regular caster insert.

In use – 25° is now possible!

Now you’ll have a nice mid-range caster setting available!