- Durango DEX410/DEX410R - Bullet-Proofing your CVD’s -

A properly built CVD ensures your Durango DEX410 runs right to the finish line every time. Here we show you a little extra tip for your centre CVD using the TD310023 CVD Boot.

The Tools for the Job

Using the Tip-Ex Pen

Mark the Flat on the CVD

Add Threadlock to both sides of the CVD Barrel (Wipe off any that gets onto the outer face)

Let the thread lock settle into the barrel

Smear Grease onto the inside of the Joint

Push in the Barrel

Aligh the Flat on the CVD Pin with the Grub Screw Hole (You should be able to see the white mark even on assembly)

Screw in the grub screw till tight

Fit a second grub screw to the opposite side

Screw in

For the Centre CVD's You can fit a TD310023 for added security


We have now added two CVD collars to TD310039 to ensure that even
the most poorly-builtand poorly-maintained CVDs do not lose their pins!