- Team Durango DEST210R 2WD Electric Stadium Truck -

Part No: TD102010
Due Early July

The DEST210R 2WD Stadium Truck kit uses many of the ground breaking features introduced on the hugely successful DEX210 buggy. It includes the option to run mid or rear motor, 3 or 4 gear layout, an option never before seen on a Stadium Truck. Team Durango is taking Stadium Truck racing to the next level.

The DEST210R is unique. That is why our 'Hybrid technology' gearbox design has a patent application (No: 2 486 513). The DEST210R allows you, the racer, to choose if you want the motor to be in rear- or mid-motor position. Not only that, you can decide whether you want the motor to be on the left- or right-hand side of the car. All of these configuration options are available with the same gearbox unit without the need to alter the suspension geometry. This ability, to tune the weight distribution and torque orientation of the motor, without changing your suspension set-up, is what makes the DEST210R a unique Stadium Truck. The DEST210R is arguably the most tuneable yet user-friendly pro electric off road Stadium Truck kit available today.

Rear motor layout, with 3-gears (one idler gear)
Suited to: - Low Traction Dirt

Mid motor layout, with 4-gears (two idler gears).
Suited to: - High Traction

Rear motor layout, with 4-gears (two idler gears)
Suited to: - Very Low Traction Dirt

Rear motor layout, with 3-gears (one idler gear)
Suited to: - Very High Traction

The DEST210R comes with Team Durango's 'Fat Shock' Big Bore shock absorbers. Already race proven on the '2012 Reedy Invitational' winning DEX210 buggy, our Big Bore shocks keep the DEST210R nimble and planted. With a full range of optional Big Bore springs available, the DEST210R can be fine-tuned for any track and any condition. A full range of pistons is included in the kit - we even include blank pistons so you can drill your own for the ultimate in shock tuning.

A first for Team Durango kits, the DEST210R makes use of our 'Team Durango Injection Moulded Engineering Composite' Chassis. Manufactured to precise specifications, the flex and strength offered by the DEST210R's chassis makes it forgiving and fast to drive. With the addition of adjustable battery position you can also balance the chassis out for perfect weight distribution on any track.

Getting the setup options you want without expensive optional parts is what the DEST210R is all about. Using specially designed inserts to change rear toe-in and front caster. The axle spins on bearings seated in the hubs which allows the same wheel hex fitment front and rear.

The DEST210R is an ultra-adjustable platform, designed to be tuned to any track or condition you can throw it at. We believe the DEST210R has more setup and tuning options in the kit than any other 2WD Stadium Truck before - here is just a small list of the features that make the DEST210R such a ground-breaking Stadium Truck:
  • Rear anti-squat and toe adjustment
  • Patent application (Nop: 2 486 513) gearbox design: allows mid- or rear-motor configurations where the motor can be set left-or right-handed, all within one gearbox mould
  • Team Durango DNA - world class, race proven, engineering and design
  • Team Durango Injection Moulded Engineering Composite Chassis for enhanced chassis flex and superior traction and handling
  • Team Durango Big Bore shock absorbers and composite shock towers
  • Ball diff. as standard with optional geared diff. available
  • Team Durango styled Stadium Truck bodyshell
  • Stick or saddle battery pack compatible
  • Captive rear CVD driveshafts
  • 15mm hex wheels front and rear