This car replaces the TRF418

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Manual & Diagram Source
TRF419 Manual Tamiya
TRF419 Parts List Kentech
TRF419 Parts Drawing Kentech
TRF419 Features, details & pictures
TRF419 - Build & Review
Low profile Towers - Part 1
TRF419 - Review Glattbahner
TRF419 Gear Chart - 48DP - 64DP
Tamiya Gear Diff Assembly Instruction Tamiya Racing
TRF419X Manual Tamiya
TRF419X Parts List Kentech
TRF419X - Build Kentech
TRF419X - Build & Review The RC Tacer
TRF419XR Manual Tamiya
TRF419XR Conversion Kit Manual Kentech
TRF419XR Build Kentech
TRF419XR Build CompetitionX
Blank Setup Sheet
TRF419 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
TRF419X Editable Setup Sheet
TRF419XR Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
TRF419XR Editable Setup Sheet Kentech Special
TRF419XR Editable Setup Sheet RC Racer Special
Base Setup
Kit Setup
RC Racer - Base Setup Carpet
Tips & tricks
TRF419 - Electronics Setups
TRF418 - Diff a la Dave
TRF419 - Gear diff build and guide
TRF419 - Diff Build
TRF419 - Cleaning & Maintenance
TRF419X - A guide for setting up Anti-Roll Bars RC Racer
TRF419X - Torque link RC Racer
TRF419X - Floating Steering Mount RC Racer
TRF419X - Chassis Stiffener Deck RC Racer
TRF419X - Suspension Mount Setting Guide and Charts RC Racer
TRF419X/XWS - Ultra Smooth Anti Roll bar mounts RC Racer

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Surface Traction Layout Source
29-30.06.2019 Arkadiusz Smyk (XR/13.5 & 17.5) Kypak Bumpy Low Open A. Smyk
18.05.2019 Kenneth (XR/8.5) Kypak Low Kentech
03.03.2019 Takuma Sasaki (XR) TITC Good Kentech
26.07.2018 Takuma Sasaki (XR) JMRCA - 2in1 Tamiya
26.05.2018 Kenneth (XR/8.5) Kypak Low Kentech
26-27.05.2018 Yann Gradelet (X/13.5) French Nats - Beaumont-Moonteux
04.02.2018 Kono Takayuki (X/13.5) TITC Good
26-27.08.2017 Yann Gradelet (X/13.5) French Nats - Besancon
20.08.2017 Florent Joos (XS/Stock & Mod) Dutch Nats - Deventer Low RC Racer
16-18.06.2017 Christian Donath (X/13.5) ETS - Trencin C. Donath
12-14.05.2017 Christian Donath (X/13.5) ETS - Riccione C. Donath
07-09.04.2017 Florian Joos (X) TOS - Duren Medium C. Donath
07-09.04.2017 Christian Donath (X/13.5) ETS - Madrid C. Donath
16-19.02.2017 Atsushi Hara (X)
Takayuki Kono (X/13.5)
TITC - Bangbok A. Hara
07.02.2017 Atsushi Hara (X) RC Addict A. Hara
04.09.2016 Florian Joos (X/10.5) Belgium Nats - Zwevegem Medium The RC Racer
04.09.2016 Daniel Booker (X/17.5) BTCC - WLRC The RC Racer
24-27.08.2016 Marc Rheinard (X)
Naoto Matsukura (X)
WC - Beijing
23.07.2016 Kenneth (X) Laukaa Low Kentech
17.07.2016 Simmi (X) Rennen RC Tech
01-02.07.2016 Marc Rheinard (X) EC - Trencin Medium M. Rheinard
02.07.2016 Daniel Bookers (X/17.5) BRCA Nationls - Halifax TheRCRacer
24-26.06.2016 Christian Donath (X/13.5) ETS - Luxembourg C. Donath
26.06.2016 Simmi (X) Erdferkel RC Tech
05.06.2016 Florian Joos (13.5) MAC Meckenheim Fast Low-Medium Smooth The RC Racer
27-29.05.2016 Marc Rheinard (X)
Christopher Krapp (X)
RRoC - Tamiya USA Medium-High
C. Krapp
13-15.05.2016 Marc Rheinard (X)
Christian Donath
ETS - Riccione


M. Rheinard
C. Donath
16.04.2016 Harald Hermann Test - Neudorf Mixed Low-Med Smooth H. Hermann
12.10.2015 Nicholas Lee AOC - Hong Kong Medium N. Lee
2015 Nicholas Lee (4.5 & 13.5) Urban Playspace Smooth Low Technical N. Lee
12-13.09.2015 Rod Canare (13.5/17.5) ROAR Nats - Tamiya USA Smooth Medium/High R. Canare
30.08.2015 Akio Sobue
Naoto Matsukura
JTCC - Bee Tops Medium-High Tamiya
09.08.2015 Simmi Erdferkel Technical Simmi
09.08.2015 Ed Clark IMCC Low-Medium Open E. Clark
26-28.06.2015 Marc Rheinard
Christian Donath (13.5)
ETS - Trencin Medium-High Tamiya
21.06.2015 Simmi Erdferkel High Technical Simmi
05.06.2015 Ed Clark Practice - SMA Low-Medium E. Clark
29-31.05.2015 Christian Donath (13.5) ETS - Luxembourg Medium-High C. Donath
24.05.2015 Ed Clark MMM - SMA Low-Medium E. Clark
22-24.05.2015 Marc Rheinard
Nicholas Lee
Reedy Race - Tamiya USA Smooth Low Technical Tamiya
N. Lee
10.05.2015 Simmi Erdferkel Technical Simmi
01-03.05.2015 Christian Donath (13.5) ETS - Mattsee Medium C. Donath
02-03.05.2015 Ed Clark NSW States - Whalan Low-Medium E. Clark
15.03.2015 Ed Clark SMA Technical E. Clark
14.03.2015 Rod Canare Tamiya America Medium-High RC Tech
08.03.2015 Ed Clark IMCC Low-Medium Technical E. Clark
01.03.2015 Nicholas Lee TITC - RC Addict High N. Lee
22.02.2015 Ed Clark Logan Variable E. Clark
10.10.2014 Nicholas Lee WC - Kissimmee Smooth Mixed N. Lee
Carpet Driver Event - Place Surface Traction Layout Source
03.03.2019 Jesse Keller (XR) Vianen Medium Technical RC Racer
12.05.2018 RC Racer (XR) Test Medium Technical RC Racer
10.03.2018 Marton Toth (XR) Czeck Nats - Hrotovice Medium-High Fast RC Racer
17-18.02.2018 Marton Toth (XR) MiboCup - Hrotovice Medium-High Fast RC Racer
18.02.2018 Kenneth (XR/13.5) Medium Kentech
16.12.2017 Marton Toth (XWS) MiboCup - Hrotovice Medium-High Fast RC Racer
03.12.2017 Raman (X) 702 Raceway High RC Tech
26.11.2017 ChristianDonath (XR) L÷ffle Cup - Estenfeld RC Racer
18.11.2017 Marton Toth (XWS) Hunagarian Nats - PlayIt Medium RC Tech
11.11.2017 Marton Toth (XWS) Mibo Cup - Hrotovice Medium-High Fast RC Tech
21.10.2017 Marton Toth (XWS) XRS - Trencin Medium-High Fast RC Tech
14.10.2017 Marton Toth (XWS) Mibo Cup - Hrotovice Medium-High Fast RC Tech
23.09.2017 Mariek (XWS) Zupnicza ETS Carpet RC Tech
24.03.2017 Marton Toth (X) Mibo Cup - Hrotovice Medium-High Fast RC Tech
21-22.01.2017 Florian Joos (X/10.5) GP3F - Longwy Medium D. Joos
The RC Racer
06-08.01.2016 Florian Joos (X) DHI - Odense High D. Joos
21.11.2016 Christian Donath (X/13.5) ETS - Hvrotovice C. Donath
21.11.2016 Florian Joos (X/10.5) WS - Longwy High The RC Racer
05.11.2016 Marton Toth (X) Medium-High RC Tech
02.11.2016 Florian Joos (X) E.Z. Racing Medium The RC Racer
16.09.2016 Micheal Podeszwa (X) Ellenstedt High The RC Racer
July 2016 The RC Racer (X) Practice Technical Low The RC Racer
26.03.2016 Harald Hermann Test - Alterlaa Technical High Smooth H. Hermann
13.03.2016 Robert Krens (10.5) Vianen Fast High Smooth R. Krens
24.02.2016 The RC Racer Practice Technical Smooth The RC Racer
07.02.2016 Robert Krens (10.5) Limberg Technical Medium Smooth R. Krens
23-24.01.2016 Florian Joos (10.5) GP3F - Longwy Mixed High Smooth The RC Racer
17.10.2015 The RC Racer Practice Technical Smooth The RC Racer
12.08.2015 The RC Racer (17.5) Practice Technical Smooth The RC Racer
Apr 2015 Nicholas Lee AOC - Shangai Bumpy Technical N. Lee
04.04.2015 Simmi (13.5) RC Speedway Medium Simmi
20.02.2015 The RC Racer (17.5) Practice Low The RC Racer
06-08.02.2015 Marc Rheinard ETS - Muelheim-Kaerlich Medium Mixed M. Rheinard
23-25.01.2015 Marc Rheinard LRP TCM Medium M. Rheinard
23.01.2015 Goin2drt (17.5) TQ Raceway Medium-High RC Tech
21.01.2015 Simmi Erdferkel Low-Medium Simmi
Dec. 2014 Viktor Wilck ETS - Hrotovice Medium Kentech
30.11.2014 Marc Rheinard Charity Race - Scandiano M. Rheinard

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