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Manuals Source
B-Max2MR Manual Yokomo
B-Max2MRv2 - Complement Manual Yokomo
B-Max2RS Manual Yokomo
B-Max2MR/RS - Parts List Yokomo
B-Max2MR/RS - New Parts (May 2013) Yokomo
B-Max2MR Exploded View Page 1-2, Page 3-4 Yokomo
B-Max4 & B-Max2 - Spring Chart Yokomo
Yokomo Big Bore Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
Big Bore Springs on Small Bore Shock Arn0
B-Max2 MR - Introduction, features and pictures Yokomo
B-Max2 RS - Introduction, features and pictures Yokomo
B-Max2 MR Factory - Introduction, features and pictures Yokomo
B-Max2 MR v2 - Introduction, features and pictures
B-Max2 MR v3 - Introduction, features and pictures
Team Azarashi AZ-0037 Tranny Raiser Team Azarashi
DRK Reinforced Chassis M. Koide
Blank Setup Sheet
B-Max2MR Editable Setup Sheet Arn0

Starting Setup
Keisuke Enomoto - Clay-Dirt Base Setup
Michal Bok - Astroturf Setup M. Bok
Sylvain Gallo-Selva - Starting Setup (Low traction, bumpy) S Gallo-Selva
Tips & Tricks
How to mount the Triad slipper clutch on B-MAX2
Electronics Setups
Servo's wire setting
Install hexes
B5 Front Hex Conversion
B2-HCOV Front Hex Conversion Yokomo
YZ2 Gullwing Front Suspension Arm Conversion for B-MAX2
Front end modification to fit non-Yokomo wheels F. Roulland
Fixing side movement issue
How to fit BM-008R arms M. Headling
B-Max2MR - Randy Pike - Build

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
09-10.05.2015 Francois Roulland French Nats - Maisons-Alfort Astroturf High F. Roulland
21.09.2014 Shin Adashi (V3/Mid) RC Maniax Arena Astroturf Medium Smooth Yokomo
27.07.2014 Naoto Matsukura (V3/Mid) JMRCA Nats - Yatabe Arena Astroturf High Smooth Yokomo
31.05.2014 Lee Martin (Mid) BRCA Nats - TORCH Astroturf High Smooth-Bumpy L. Martin
05.05.2014 Naoto Matsukura (V3/Mid) GW Champs - Yatabe Arena Astroturf Medium Smooth Yokomo
03.05.2014 Lee Martin (Mid) BRCA Nats - Southport Astroturf High Bumpy L. Martin
04.05.2014 Lee Martin BRCA Nats - Kidderminster Astroturf/Concrete High Bumpy L. Martin
23.03.2014 Naoto Matsukura (Mid) RC Park GoJo Astroturf Low Smooth Team Yokomo
04.03.2014 Shin Adashi (Mid) Yatabe Arena Astroturf High Smooth Yokomo
26.02.2014 Gunthar Guntharsën (Mid) Kampenhout Astroturf High Bumpy oOple
27.10.2013 Miguel Koide (v2 Mid) CRAEM Astroturf High Bumpy M. Koide
06.07.2013 Neal Lewis (Mid) Batley Astroturf/Grass Low Bumpy N. Lewis
06.07.2013 Martin Zvara
Radek Flek
Czech Champs - Svitavy Astroturf Low Bumpy Team Yokomo
06.07.2013 Mikeal Hedin (Mid) Peter Eriksson Memory Race - Årsunda Astroturf low Marcus Söberg
Yokomo Sweden
07.05.2013 Paul Gill (Mid) Test - Coventry Astroturf Medium Bumpy oOple
24.04.2013 Michal Bok (Mid) Mibosport Arena Astroturf High Smooth M. Bok
07.04.2013 Andy Nancollis (Mid) WORM Astroturf Medium-High Bumpy WORM
2012 Miguel Koide (Mid) CREAM Astroturf High COCHES RC
Blue Groove
26.10.2014 Chris Sturdy (v3/Mid) Australian Nats - CORMOCC Blue Groove Medium Bumpy C. Sturdy
26.10.2014 Hiroshi Suzuki (Mid) Taiwan Dirt
03.10.2014 Chris Sturdy (v3/Mid) Test - GCRC Raceway (Indoor) Clay Low-Medium, Damp Smooth C. Sturdy
13.09.2014 Chris Sturdy (v3) NSW Titles - St Ives Dirt Low, Damp Smooth C. Sturdy
14.08.2014 MarkA NW Hobbies - Albany Clay Medium Bumpy RC Tech
03.08.2014 Mark Lim RaceWork Arena Clay Medium Bumpy RC Tech
14-19.07.2014 Lee Martin
Robert Batlle
Euro Champs - Trelleborg Clay/Dirt
07-08.06.2014 Lee Martin EC Warm-up - Trelleborg Clay Low Smooth L. Martin
30.03.2014 Andrew Webber NZ Nats - Hawkes Bay Clay/Dirt Low Smooth A. Webber
29.01.2014 Naoto Matsukura Yatabe Arena Clay Team Yokomo
24-26.01.2014 Lee Martin (Mid) Reedy Race - OCRC Clay Medium Smooth Yokomo
12.01.2014 Takeshi Shimizu RC Maniax Arena Clay Medium Smooth RC Maniax
Jan. 2014 Mark A. Top Gear Hobbies - Portland Clay High Wet T. Tuite
22.12.2013 Takeshi Shimizu RC Maniax Arena Clay Medium Smooth RC Maniax
17.11.2013 STLNLST LSR Raceway Clay Medium Wet STLNLST
08.11.2013 Derek Stephansen Modesto RC Raceway Clay Low-Medium Smooth D. Stephansen
01-03.11.2013 Masatsugu Ido AOC - Yatabe Arena Clay Smooth M. Ido
01-03.11.2013 Corey Koehler Fall Brawl - Outback Raceway Clay/Blue Groove High Smooth A-Main Hobby
18.10.2013 Josh Pain WA Titles - Bayswater Clay Low-Medium Smooth J. Pain
Oct. 2013 Arjan Van De Graaf Vlijmen Clay Medium A. Van De Graaf/oOple
29-31.08.2013 Naoto Matsukura World Champs - Chico Clay w sugar High Smooth Team Yokomo
29-31.08.2013 Team Drivers Japan Nats - Yatabe Arena Clay Team Yokomo
11.08.2013 MVB drivers (Mid)

MVB Dirt Low Bumpy RC tech
26.05.2013 Joe Walters

Fastlane Raceway Dirt Medium Bumpy J. Walters
26.05.2013 Bastien Garcia

St Gaudens Dirt Medium Smooth S. Gallo-Selva
09-10.05.2013 Sylvain Gallo-Selva
Nicolas Russier (13.5)

French Nats - Orange Dirt Low Bumpy N. Russier
24.03.2013 Naoto Matsukura (Rear) RCManiax Arena Hard packed Medium Wet Yokomo
15-17.03.2013 Naoto Matsukura (Mid) Cactus Classic Clay Very High Smooth
03.01.2013 Keisuke Enomoto (Mid) Yatabe Arena Clay Medium Bumpy Yokomo
03.01.2013 Masatsugu Ido (Mid) Shintani Clay High Smooth Yokomo
28.10.2012 Miguel Koide CAPA Dusty COCHES RC
06.07.2013 Neal Lewis (Mid) Batley Astroturf/Grass Low Bumpy N. Lewis
16.06.2013 Paul Gill (Mid & Rear)

Weston Park Grass Low-Medium Bumpy P. Gill
Mar. 2015 Francois Roulland Selestat Carpet High Smooth F. Roulland
18.01.2015 Maxime Favelle Crozé Carpet Low Favrelle RC
16.12.2014 Mark A. PC Plus - Salem Carpet Medium RC Tech
01-02.11.2014 Maxime Favelle CML Masters - Louvres Carpet Low Favrelle RC
24-26.10.2014 Naoto Matusukra EOS - Poznan Carpet Medium Yokomo
26.10.2014 Maxime Favelle Nantes Carpet Medium Favrelle RC
22.06.2014 Naoto Matusukra Indoorground - Paris Carpet Medium Smooth Yokomo
25-27.04.2014 Naoto Matsukura (V3/Mid)
Ronald Volker
EOS - wels Carpet Medium Smooth Yokomo.eu
22.03.2014 Ronald Volker (Mid) Mibosport Cup Rd6 Carpet Medium Smooth Yokomo.eu
07-09.03.2014 Naoto Matsukura (Mid)
Lee Martin (Mid)
EOS - Trencin Carpet High Smooth Yokomo
L. Martin
02.03.2014 Markus Schmidt (Mid) Langenfeld Carpet Medium Smooth M. Schmidt
22.02.2014 Lee Martin (Mid) BWOC - Silverstone Astroturf/Carpet High Smooth L. Martin
01-02.02.2014 Sylvain Gallo-Selva GP - Lyon Carpet High S. Gallo-Selva
17-19.01.2014 Lee Martin
Ronald Volker
EOS - Berlin Carpet Medium Smooth L. Martin
07.01.2014 Lee Martin Maritime Carpet/wood Medium Smooth L. Martin
09-10.11.2013 Sylvain Gallo-Selva Champs Cup - Neuville Carpet Medium S. Gallo-Selva
20.10.2013 Simon Frost (Mid) Väst 8 Carpet Low-Medium Smooth S. Frost
Oct. 2013 Nathan Ralls (Mid) Faversham Carpet High Smooth N. Ralls
13.10.2013 Simon Frost (Mid) Väst 8 Carpet Low-Medium Smooth S. Frost
09.10.2013 Dennis Van Den Waardenburg (Mid) MIO Astroturf/Carpet Medium Bumpy/Smooth oOple
Sept. 2013 Simon Frost (Mid) Väst 8 Carpet Low-Medium Smooth S. Frost/oOple
13-14.04.2013 Sylvain Gallo-Selva (Mid) EOS - Dortmund Carpet High Smooth S. Gallo-Selva
31.03.2013 Jon Cryer (Mid) Astro-Carpet Medium-High Smooth CRCR
09-10.03.2013 Sylvain Gallo-Selva (Mid) French Nationals - Louvres Carpet High Smooth S. Gallo-Selva
03.02.2013 Mark (Mid) Southport Carpet Medium Smooth oOple
12-13.01.2013 Michal Bok (Mid) Mibosport Cup Rd5 Carpet Medium Smooth M. Bok
13.01.2013 Sylvain Gallo-Selva (Mid) Zillisheim Carpet High Smooth oOple
05-06.01.2013 Naoto Matsukura (Mid)
Robert Batlle (Mid)
EOS - Langenfeld Carpet High Smooth Yokomo
R. Battle

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