- Yokomo B-Max2MR - Arjan Van De Graaf - Vlijmen - Oct. 2013 -

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  • 25 deg casterblocks.
    For added steering mid/exit corner. Used an AE alu block, drilled the holes slightly larger (3,1mm) so I could place heat shrink tube inside the holes and the Yokomo hingepin is now a perfect fit. However Tema is drawing 25 and 27.5 Yokomo versions this or next week for them to be 3d printed.

  • The shocks have a lot play between the housings and the shaft.
    The only thing the standard bushings a doing is keeping the o-rings in place. The ones I made are with way closer (0,05mm) specification. These 1st ones are made from brass, but I will make Ertalon versions when time permits. (But 1st maybe see if the new Losi versions fit)

  • Adapted a AE slipper to fit.
    No reason really, just because I can ;-)

  • Rear swaybar.
    Keeps the back more planted

  • Added some 1,5mm thick O-rings under the transmission to raise it a bit.
    For added traction out of the corner. (don't forget to also place shims at the support in front of the motor, otherwise you'll tweak the chassis)

  • Still to be tested:
  • I now use 3mm droop limiter f+r, I want to try a bit less and go for 1,5mm. This to hopefully be more consistent on multisurface tracks, and not loose to much reaction in the car
  • Lighter front oil for added steering. More steering is never a bad thing ;-)
  • Try the 2 hole pistons. Should make the car react more aggressive. But wait and see how much advantage / disadvantage it gives on the track
  • Try a bit of antisquat. Maybe it will be a bit easier to throw the car around tight corners on the throttle, but have to see how much forward traction I loose in the process to see if its actually better.
  • The Tema casterblocks when there ready

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    A. Van De Graaf