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SC10 Manual Associated
SC10FT Manual Associated
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12mm "Big Bore" Shocks Associated
12mm "Big Bore" Shocks Springs Chart Arn0
Review CML Distribution / RRCI
MIP Bypass Instructions for Standard AE shocks

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Blank Setup Sheet Associated
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Editable Setup Sheet Associated
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High Steering Setup RC Tech
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Hex wheel conversion for AE vehicles oOple
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Ryan Cavalieri - Secrets of the ROAR Champ



Event - Place

Composition Surface Traction Source
15.05.2011 Richard Lowe
Tony Truman
UK SC Nats - EPR Astroturf Bumpy Low
R. Lowe
CML Distribution
24.04.2011 Richard Lowe UK SC Nats - Silverstone Astroturf Bumpy High R. Lowe
Blue Groove

12-14.08.2010 Ryan Maifield ROAR Nationals Blue Groove Smooth High Associated
17-18.07.2010 Ryan Maifield HRH Shootout Blue Groove Smooth High Associated

07.03.2015 Matthew Gonzales (.2) TNS Rd5 - SDRC Clay Smooth Medium M. Gonzales
19-24.08.2014 Ryan Cavalieri (.2) ROAR Nats - Space Coast RC Clay Grooved Medium-High Associated
29.06.2014 Matthew Gonzales (.2) Top Gun Shootout - SDRC Clay Loamy-Grooved Medium Associated
11-16.03.2014 Ryan Cavalieri (.2)
Ryan Maifield (.2)
Cactus Classic Clay Smooth High Associated
03-04.11.2012 Paul Wynn JConcepts Indoor National Series - Orcala Clay Smooth High Associated
03.11.2012 Ray Munday Victorian State Titles - Keilor Clay Smooth Medium KeilorRC
11-14.08.2012 Kevin Motter (17.5) ROAR Nationals - WCRC Clay Smooth Medium Associated
14-15.04.2012 KodyNumedahl JC SIN - MHS Clay Medium Smooth Associated
21-22.05.2011 JR Mitch Southeast Short Course Nationals Clay / Dusty Bumpy High Associated
23.01.2011 Chris Attebery NorCal Hobbies Clay / Dusty Bumpy Medium
05.12.2010 Chad Due Spektrum Off-Road Champs - S&N Trackside Clay / Dusty Smooth Medium Associated
04.12.2010 Bryan Humpty SRS Clay / Dusty Bumpy, Wet High RC Tech
09.10.2010 Chris Attebery Nor Cal Hobbies Clay / Dusty Smooth, Wet Medium RC Tech
23.08.2010 Ryan Maifield ROAR Nationals - Joliet Clay Smooth Low Associated
01.08.2010 Jason Ruona Outback Raceway Clay Smooth, wet Medium Associated
15.05.2010 Jason Ruona Wave Clay Smooth High Associated
28.04.2010 Ryan Cavalieri OCRC Clay Smooth High Associated
23-24.04.2010 Chad Due
Scott Bown
Trackside Clay Smooth Associated
27.03.2010 Josh Anderson Club Race - OCRC Clay Smooth Low Associated
03.2010 Tmail55 Florida Clay RC Tech
27.02.2010 Gareth Stanton Proline Dirt Arena Clay / Dusty Bumpy Low CML Distribution
29.07.2009 Jason Corl Club Race - WCRC Clay Bumpy High Associated
29/07.2009 Scott Brown Short Course Nats Clay / Dusty Bumpy Medium Associated
15.07.2009 Josh Anderson Club Race - OCRC Clay Smooth Low Associated
25.03.2009 Kurt Wenger Club Race - OCRC Clay Smooth Low Associated
25.05.2014 Chris Bridgewater (.2) NCT Rd2 - Spokane Dirt, Hard Packed Bumpy Medium-High 2wdmod
11.05.2014 Eric Kristianto (.2) Jaben Fun Race - Jattibening Dirt Bumpy Medium-Low E. Kristianto
06.10.2013 Sebastien Mure (.2) French Cup - Nantes Dirt Medium Bumpy S. Mure
21.07.2013 Ryan Cavalieri (.2) Hot Rod Shootout Hard packed, Grooved High Smooth, Dry Associated
2013 Bubba Boggs (.2) Dirt, Grooved Smooth Medium-High RC Ten
24.03.2013 Max Fuller (.2) Dirt, Loamy Bumpy Low Associated
25.07.2010 Tony Truman RRCI - Coventry Soft dirt Smooth Medium CML Distribution
11.07.2010 Kody Numedahl SC Nats - RC Madness Soft dirt Bumpy Low Associated
01.05.2010 Pogache Vic la Gardiole Dirt Low Pogache
30.01.2010 Bradley Matherson Bendigo Dusty Low RC Tech
28.06.2009 Gary O'Brien ROAR Nats - Hobbytown Dusty Bumpy Low Associated
18.10.2009 Tom Yardy Hereford Carpet / Wood Smooth Medium CML Distribution
Racerx1920 RC Tech

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