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Setups: Asphalt, Carpet

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AT1S Default Setup
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Asphalt Driver Event - Track - City Environment Traction Surface Layout Source
11.06.2023 Tim Boundy(13.5)
Tom Huggan(13.5)

Vic State Titles - GRCCC Outdoor Medium-High Bumpy Xpress RC
21.05.2023 Tony McMahon NSW State Titles - Newcastle Outdoor Low T. McMahon
26.03.2023 Vincent Chu (13.5) Whalan Outdoor Low Smoken
19.03.2023 Tim Boundy (13.5) Tasmania State Title - STMCC Outdoor Low Smoken
19.03.2023 Felix Law FSEARA - Flagler RC Outdoor Low Felix Law
03-05.03.2023 Tony McMahon AOC - Brisbane Outdoor Medium T. McMahon
10.01.2023 Leonard Lai Brendale Outdoor Low-Medium Smoken
24.12.2022 Felix Law Coral Spring Outdoor Medium Xpress RC
03-06.11.2022 Tony McMahon (17.5) Australian Nats - Canberra Outdoor Medium T. McMahon
22-23.10.2022 Masaya Okazaki (17.5) Japan Nats - GPSW Outdoor Medium Xpress
16.10.2022 Michael Bruce (25.5) Valkaria Outdoor Low F. Law
17-18.08.2022 Arnaud Soulignac (13.5) Ampuis Outdoor Medium A. Soulignac
14.08.2022 Chau Man Chan TRC Outdoor Medium Xpress
31.07.2022 Felix Law Coral Spring Outdoor Xpress RC
31.07.2022 Masaya Okazaki Beetops Outdoor Medium Xpress RC
09.05.2022 Midnight Boss TRC Outdoor Medium Xpress RC
19.12.2021 Eric Lam (13.5) TRC Outdoor Medium Xpress RC
Carpet Driver Event - Track - City Environment Traction Surface Layout Source
22.07.2023 Martin Schulz (17.5) Megadrom Ultra High M. Schulz

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