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22T Manual - 22T RTR Manual Team Losi
Exploded View
22 Parts List -22RTR Parts List
Big Bore Spring Chart Arn0
Gear Chart Arn0
Losi "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
22T - Specification & Pictures
22T 2.0 - Specification & Pictures
22T Review
22T 2.0 Review
MIP Differnetial MIP
MIP ByPass Instructions for TLR Big Bore MIP
Blank Setup Sheet
22T Editable Setup Sheet
22T 2.0 Editable Setup Sheet
Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks
Rocket Front End Modification RER
Rear Hub Carriers - Q & A
Standard Setup
22T Kit Setup
22T RTR Base Setup
Med to High Grip Clay Track RC Tech
Medium to High Grip Track RC Tech
Casper - Clay Base Setup
Rob Engle - Carpet Setup R. Engle

22T 2.0 Kit Setup


Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source

12-14.08.2016 Dakotah Phend ROAR Nats - Omaha Hard Packed Medium Smooth TLR
15.05.2016 Max Flurer TRCR Hard Packed Medium Smooth Losi
15.05.2016 Frank Root(17.5) OCRC Hard Packed Medium-High Smooth Losi
11.10.2015 JR Mitch JC Fall Nats - RCE Hard Packed Medium JR Mitch
14-15.03.2014 Ryan Maifield (2.0 Mid) Cactus Classic - SRS Raceway Hard Packed High Rough TLR
06-08.02.2015 Frank Root (2.0 Mid) JConcepts INS - SmacTrac Clay TLR
20-24.08.2014 Dakotah Phend ROAR Nats - Space Coast R/C Clay Smooth TLR
20-21.04.2013 Cody Hollis Mike Hobby Shop Hard packed Medium-High Smooth
08.02.2013 Chris Johnson (Mid) Practice - T&T Speedway Hard packed Medium-High Smooth C. Johnson
09.12.2012 Billy Fisher SIGP - Competition Hobbies Hard Packed Medium, dry Smooth, open Team Losi
01.07.2012 Trever Adamo WCRC Hard Packed High, wet Smooth, open Team Losi
18.04.2012 Travis Brock OCRC Hard Packed High, wet Smooth, tight Team Losi
03-04.03.2012 JR Mitch Mike's Hobby Shop Hard Packed Blue Groove Low Smooth JR Mitch
01.04.2012 Corey Bernardo RCE Clay Medium Smooth RC Tech
23-25.03.2012 Michael Losi (17.5) Cactus Classic Hard Packed Blue Groove High Tight Team Losi
25.02.2012 Chris Keen Hi-Performance Hobbies Clay Medium-High RC Tech
19.11.2011 Chris Johnson (Mid) Full Throttle Raceway - Monroe Hard Packed / Loamy Low-Medium Rough RC Tech
08.01.2012 Ryan Dunford WCRC & OCRC Clay RC Tech
05.12.2011 Dustin Evans Spektrum Race - Trackside Clay Medium RC Tech
19.11.2011 Chris Johnson (Mid) Full Throttle Raceway - Monroe Clay RC Tech
Nov. 2011 Matt Chambers MHOR RC Raceway Clay High RC Tech
07.08.2011 Dustin Evans ROAR Nats - NorCal Hard Packed High Smooth Team Losi



11-12.03.2017 JR Mitch Extreme Crpet Initiative Carpet High TLR
08.01.2017 Ieuan Payne (2.0) WS - Mid Devon Carpet High/Slippery Smooth I. Payne
30.12.2017 Thomas Musso (2.0) Practice - Race 80 Carpet T. Musso
12-13.04.2013 Rob Engle Rocky Mountain Champs Carpet/Wood Low/High Smooth/Rough RER


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