With the introduction of TLR’s new Genll hub (TLR234075), people have had some questions and concerns with this new part.

Question #1: “With the added aluminum top piece on the hub, does this change my bull stud height?”
Answer is no; take a look at the picture below that shows a side-by-side view of a Genl hub and a Genll both are the same height.

Question #2: “Is the added aluminum top piece threaded?”
Answer is no, and with this comes some info. Previously an 8mm (TLR6024) length ball stud was all that was required for the Genl hubs with the standard 2mm washer; now with the Genll hubs a 10mm (TLR6023) length ball stud is required with the standard 2mm washer. This is needed because the first 2mm of the Genll hubs are not threaded and extra thread support is needed. Also to keep in mind if using 0 or 1mm spacers on the Genll hub, you will need to go back to the 8mm as the 10mm will be too long for these circumstances.