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Manual Source
MP10 Manual Kyosho
MP10 Exploded View
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Blank Setup Sheet
MP10 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
MP10e Editable Setup Sheet Arn0

Base Setup
MP10 - Enzo Albertoni - Starting Setup
MP10e - Kit Setup
Tips & Tricks

Driver Setups Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
05.01.2020 Riccardo Masaggia IBR - Padova G. Galeano
03.08.2019 Gabriel Galeano
Buggy / Truggy
Dayton G. Galeano
12.09.2019 Yuichi Kanai (T) SBRT G. Galeano
03.08.2019 Gabriel Galeano Dayton G. Galeano
13.07.2019 Riccardo Berton EC - Ongaroring G. Galeano
22.06.2019 Enzo Albertoni (+STRR Evo2) Fuel Nats - Thornhil Blue Groove E. Albertoni
14.01.2019 Yuichi Kanai Vietnam E. Albertoni
28.12.2018 Elliott Boots IBR Padova E. Albertoni

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