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Manual Kyosho
Parts List Kyosho
Exploded View
UMW516 Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier(0░/0.50░/10░)
UMW519 SP Front Hinge Pin Brace
UMW520-520GM Alu Battery Post Set
UMW521 Carbon Battry Holder
UMW602 Ball Differential Set
Kyosho "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
Introduction Kyosho
Review: R/C Car, RC411
Build Thecman26
Blank Setup Sheet
Editable Setup Sheet v3 Arn0
Editable Setup Sheet v2 Arn0
Editable etup Sheet Arn0
Starting Setup
Starting Point RCTech
Rob Betts - Starting Setup RCTech
Brian McDuffie -13.5 R. Watchorn
Daniel Grobe - Indoor Clay Track 2010.12.20 D. Grobe
Tips & tricks
How-To Bleed Kyosho Shocks K. King

Blue Groove Driver

Event - Place





10.10.2011 Jared Tebo ReedyTruckRace - HotRod Hobby Blue Groove/Clay Medium Smooth, Dry Kyosho
27-28.08.2011 Brian McDuffie OCRC Raceway Blue Groove High Smooth RC Tech
13-14.08.2011 Jared Tebo ROAR Nats - NorCal Hobby Clay/Blue Groove High Smooth Kyosho
24.11.2010 Shaun Dunlap PCRC Raceway Clay/Blue Groove Medium Bumpy, Dry/Wet Kyosho America
17-18.07.2010 Brian McDuffie Hot Rod Hobbies Blue Groove High Smooth R. Watchorn
2010 Brian McDuffie OCRC and WCRC Blue Groove R. Watchorn
27.09.2009 Jayson Pang Reedy race - HRH Blue Groove High KyoshoForum
23.08.2009 Ryan Dunford (13.5) Bakerfield Blue Groove Medium Rough RCTech
05.07.2009 Jared Tebo HRH Shootout Blue Groove Smooth RCTech
Clay Jared Tebo ROAR Nats - WCRC Clay Medium Smooth The Big RC
Aug. 2012 Jared Tebo ROAR Nats - WCRC Clay Medium Smooth Kyosho America
20.12.2010 Daniel Grobe Austin Clay Medium-High Smooth, Dry D. Grobe
24.11.2010 Shaun Dunlap PCRC Raceway Clay/Blue Groove Medium Bumpy, Dry/Wet Kyosho America
19-22.08.2010 Jared Tebo ROAR Nationals Clay Medium Bumpy Kyosho
13.06.2010 Laurent Giordanengo French Natl - Pau Low-Medium Smooth, Dry, Wet L. Giordanengo
09.05.2010 PerErik Nordam Írebro Clay Smooth, Dry Pererik
Rob Betts Long Island Raceway Clay Medium Smooth, Wet RCTech
21.02.2010 Daniel Grobe Clay Medium Smooth, Dry Kyoshoforum
01.2010 Jayson Pang Kyoshoforum

11.04.2010 Laurent Giordanengo French Natl - Antibes Medium Smooth L. Giordanengo
01.2010 Daniel Grobe Low-Medium Smooth, Wet Kyoshoforum
20.09.2009 Ben Ellis Region 5 - Pheasant Run Loamy / Sandy RCTech

30.05.2010 Mathias Rascol Local race - Rapatel Grass High M. Rascol

13.03.2010 Mathias Rascol ASMN Carpet High M. Rascol
16.01.2010 Shin Adashi Petit Race - Maritime Carpet / wood High Smooth S. Adashi / PetitRC

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