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Manual Source
Manual Kyosho
Parts List Kyosho
Exploded View
Anti Squat Chart J. Tebo
UMW516 Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier(0░/0.5░/1.0░)
UMW519 SP Front Hinge Pin Brace
UMW520-520GM Alu Battery Post Set
UMW521 Carbon Battry Holder
Aluminum Gear Diff Case Cap (UMW726)
UMW602 Ball Differential Set
Kyosho "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
Features & Pictures Kyosho
Review Area52
RB6/7 Battery Conversion Guide M. Headling
Blank Setup Sheet
Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Starting Setup
Kit Setup Dave
Dave Dirt Track Base Setup Dave
Tips & tricks
How-To Bleed Kyosho Shocks K. King
Mid Motor Body
Jared Tebo - Kyosho Ball Diff Build
Electronics Setup

Blue Groove Driver

Event - Place





16-18.07.2014 Jared Tebo Hot Rod Shootout Blue Groove High Smooth Kyosho USA
18-20.07.2014 Jared Tebo Hot Rod Shootout Blue Groove High Smooth Kyosho USA
11.03.2018 Enzo Albertoni Palmetto Classic - Myrthe Beach Clay Medium-High Smooth E. Albertoni
10-13.08.2017 Jared Tebo ROAR Nats - Gaithersburg Clay Medium Smooth J. Tebo
06-08.01.2017 Jared Tebo MidWest Champs - CRCRC Clay Medium-High Smooth-Bumpy J. Tebo
10-11.12.2016 Jared Tebo JC Indoor Series - Speed RC Clay Medium-High Smooth J. Tebo
18.07.2016 Jared Tebo Hot Rod Shootout Blue Groove Medium Smooth J. Tebo
July 2016 Jared Tebo The Plex Clay High Smooth J. Tebo
10.01.2016 Jared Tebo (Mid) MidWest Champ - CRCRC Clay Medium Smooth J. Tebo
14-15.03.2015 Jared Tebo (Mid) Cactus Classic - SRS Clay High Bumpy J. Tebo
09-11.01.2015 Jared Tebo (Mid) Mid West Champs - CRCRC Clay High, Wet Bumpy JTPRC
19-24.08.2014 Jared Tebo (Mid) ROAR Nats - Space Coast R/C Clay Medium to High Bumpy J. Tebo
23.08.2014 Dave (Rear) ACRC - Mitchell Park Dirt Medium Dave
02.08.2014 Tom Matley (Rear/10.5) ACT Titles - CORMCC Clay Low-Medium T. Matley
11-13.07.2014 Ryan Matesa (Mid) JConcepts Series - Chico Hard Packed High Smooth R. Matesa
18.05.2014 Markus Schmidt (Rear) NORC - Duisburg Loose Dirt Low M. Schmidt
11-16.03.2014 Jared Tebo (Rear) Cactus Classic Clay High Smooth JTPRC
11-12.01.2014 Jared Tebo (Rear) Mid West Champs - CRCRC Clay Medium Bumpy JTPRC
22.11.2013 Kevin King (Mid) Club Race - SDRC Clay Medium Bumpy RC Tech
17.11.2013 Andy DiBrino - Joe Pillars (Mid) Spektrum Race - Milwaukee Clay Medium Smooth Kyosho USA
08-11.08.2013 Jared Tebo
Cody Turner
ROAR Nats - Chico Clay w sugar High Smooth Kyosho USA
08-09.11.2017 Patrik Hedlund Training - Sundsvall Carpet P. Hedlund
08-09.11.2015 Fouad Elward CdC - Neuville Carpet High F. Elward

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