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B4.1FT - Manual Associated
B4.1FT - Parts List Associated
B4.1 - Drawing Associated
Gear Ratio Chart Arn0
ManualShocks AE V2 X-Factory
Video Associated
B4 Shock Springs Chart Petit RC
12mm "Big Bore" Shocks Associated
12mm "Big Bore" Shocks Springs Chart Arn0
AE "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
Tuning Guide
B4.1 Worlds Car
MIP Bypass Instructions for Standard AE shocks


Tips & Tricks
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B4 Setup tips RC10B4

Rayspeed - B4 Tips
JConcepts Front Wing Installation
Electronics Setup
B4.1 - Chassis+8mm RC Tech
How to Properly Build and Break-in a Ball Differential and Slipper Clutch RC Tech
AE Hex Wheel Conversion oOple
Reloacate Rear Tower To Install Big Bore Shocks
Parts to convert a B4.1 into B4.2

Blank Setup Sheet
B4.1FT - Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
B4.1 - Editable Setup Sheet Associated

Starting Setup
Wouter Wynen - Clay-Soft Dirt Base setup RC Offroad
Ryan Cavalieri - Indoor Clay Track 2010 Associated
B4.1 Standard Setup Associated
Ludovic Valtier's Clay/Dirt Setup L. Valtier
Ludovic Valtier's Astroturf Base Setup
BrentThielke - General Standard Setup with Big Bore shocks

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Surface Traction Source
21.05.2011 Ludovic Valtier Maisons Alfort Astroturf Bumpy Medium
04.06.2011 Jonas Kaerup Nordic Champs - Odense Astroturf Smooth High Race Gallery
07.05.2011 Richard Lowe BRCA Nats - RHR Astroturf Bumpy Low R. Lowe
16.04.2011 Paul Bradby BRCA - Stotfold Astroturf Smooth High Associated
10.04.2011 Phil Sleigh Oswestry Astroturf Smooth High oOple
03.04.2011 Phil Sleigh Stotfold Astroturf Smooth High oOple
06.03.2011 Wouter Wynen Charleroi Astroturf Smooth High RC Offroad
01.01.2010 Wouter Wynen Charleroi Astroturf Smooth High RC Offroad

25.10.2010 Wouter Wynen Charleroi Astroturf Smooth High RC Offroad


Tom Yardy Southport Astroturf Bumpy Very high CML distribution
01.09.2010 Wouter Wynen Arendonk Astroturf Smooth High RC Offroad
08.08.2010 Tony Evdoka Silverstone Astroturf High Oople
Blue Groove Driver Event - Place Composition Surface Traction Source
21-23.10.2011 Brent Thiekle SIGP - Competiton Hobbies Blue Groove Smooth, dusty High Associated
18.07.2010 Ryan Cavalieri Shootout - HRH Blue Groove Smooth, dusty High Associated
14.12.2012 Kurt Wenger WCRC Clay Smooth Avid RC
04.11.2012 Chad Due (BB) Spektrum Off-Road Champs - Trackside Clay Smooth Medium Associated
03.11.2012 Ray Munday Victorian Titles - Keilor Clay Bumpy High KeilorRC
Oct. 2012 Bubba Boggs Clay Smooth High RC Ten
11-14.08.2012 Ryan Cavalieri ROAR Nationals - WCRC Clay Smooth Medium Associated
10.06.2012 Ray Munday Mallee Madness 6 - Mildura Clay Smooth Medium KeilorRC
03.06.2012 Kurt Wenger Top Gun - SDRC Clay Low Smooth Avid RC
June 2012 Martijn MRCO Clay Bumpy, dusty Low RCTen
27-29.05.2012 Peter Pinish Euros Warm-Up - Fehring Smooth-Bumpy Medium, dusty CML distribution
May 2012 JP Richards WRL Rd6 - CRCRC Dirt High, wet Bumpy Avid RC
12-13.05.2012 Jeremy Desmond
Ludovic Valtier
French Nats - Vic La Gardiole Dirt Low
Bumpy J. Desmond
02.05.2012 Kurt Wenger WCRC Clay Medium Smooth Avid RC
27-29.04.2012 Rob Gillespie April Fools Clay High Smooth Avid RC
14-15.04.2012 Steven Hartson JC SIN - MHS Clay Medium Smooth Associated
27.03.2012 Ray Munday Keilor Cup - Keilor Clay/Blue Groove Bumpy High KeilorRC
20.02.2012 Ludovic Valtier la Ferte Gaucher Clay Bumpy L. Valtier
26-29.01.2012 Ryan Cavalieri
Ryan Maifield
Chad Due
Brent Thielke
Reedy Race - WCRC Clay Smooth High Associated
22.01.2012 Jason Ruona 2012 Super Cup Championship Series Rd1 Clay Smooth Medium Associated
Jan. 2012 Wild Cherry Pacific North West Shootout Clay Smooth Medium RC Tech
09.11.2011 Steven Hartson
Josh Numan
(Short pack)
Club Race - WCRC Clay Smooth, wet Medium Associated
02.11.2011 Brent Thielke (Short pack) Club Race - WCRC Clay Smooth, wet Medium Associated
01-02.10.2011 Ludovic Valtier French Cup - Bonneville Clay Bumpy Medium
10.09.2011 Frederic Pain French Nats - Gonfreville Clay Smooth Medium Associated
28.08.2011 Brent Thielke Surf City Classic - OCRC Clay Smooth High Associated
22-24.08.2011 Armand Lantheaume
Fouad Elward
Euros - Pau Clay Medium A. Lantheaume
F. Elward
26.07.2011 JR Mitch
Jason Ruona
JC Super Cup Rd1 Clay Smooth Medium Associated
13.08.2011 Paul Wynn New Red Hobbies Clay (Indoor) Smooth Medium Associated
07.08.2011 Ray Munday Victorian Titles - Mildura Clay/Blue Groove Bumpy Variable KeilorRC
26.07.2011 JW91

Clay Blown out RC Tech
17-24.07.2011 Ryan Cavalieri
Neil Cragg
Armand Lantheaume
WC - Vaasa Clay Smooth Medium Associated

10.07.2011 JR Mitch Coral Spring Clay Smooth Medium-High Associated
05.06.2011 Ray Munday Mallee Madness 5 - Mildura Clay/Blue Groove Smooth Medium KeilorRC
30.01.2011 Ryan Cavalieri Reedy Race - WCRC Clay Smooth Medium Associated
17.10.2010 Alejandro Gonzalez
Zacarias Villalba
Rueda Loca Arena - León Clay Bumpy Medium R.L. Farinós
03.10.2010 Ray Munday Coleman Cup - Mildura Clay, Dusty Bumpy Medium KeilorRC
Sept 2010 Vin Nocella Long Island Clay Low RC Tech
22.08.2010 Paul Bradby Euros '10- Traiskirchen Clay Low CML distribution
31.07.2010 Brent Thielke Club Race - WCRC Clay Smooth, wet Medium Associated
09-10.06.2011 Ludovic Valtier French Nats - Montigny Grass Bumpy Medium
14-15.05.2011 Armand Lantheaume French Nats - Gargenville Grass Medium A. Lantheaume
12-13.11.2011 Armand Lantheaume
Fouad Elward
Champions Cup - Neuville Carpet High A. Lantheaume
F. Elward
27.03.2011 Paul Bradby Worksop Rubber floor Smooth Medium CML
12-13.03.2011 Armand Lantheaume French Nats - Merlevenez Carpet High A. Lantheaume
Feb 2011 Pete Belsten Caldicot primafelt carpet/polished floor oOple
15.01.2011 Paul Bradby PetitRC Race - Ardent Carpet Smooth High oOple
01.11.2011 Wouter Wynen KIM Carpet Smooth High RC Offroad
31.10.2010 Richard Lowe Chaddderton Rubber floor Smooth Medium
Oct. 2011 Wouter Wynen Langenfield Carpet Smooth High RC Offroad
Soft Dirt
06.01.2012 Wayne Schroeder (BB) Fastlane Raceway Soft Dirt Smooth Medium-High RC Tech
18.12.2012 Wayne Schroeder (BB) Fastlane Raceway Soft Dirt Smooth Medium RC Tech
30.09.2012 Carlos Pineda (WC) Spanish Nats - AMSA Soft Dirt Bumpy Medium C. Pineda
05.06.2012 Ray Munday Bendigo Cup - Bendigo Soft Dirt Bumpy Low KeilorRC
11.12.2010 Hiroshi Serizaw YR Off-Road Park Soft Dirt Bumpy Medium Team Yokomo
21.09.2011 Patrick Hofer Swiss Nats - Hehenems Soft Dirt Smooth Medium Associated

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