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Manual & Diagram Source
BD8 - Manual Yokomo
BD8 2018 - Manual Yokomo
BD8 Rear Toe Control System - Manual Yokomo
B8-301FRA Chart Yokomo
BD8SV - Exploded View
BD8 2018 - Exploded View
BD8 - Parts List
BD8 - Suspension Mount Chart
BD8 - Toe Angle Chart
BD8 - Gear Ratio Chart (64dp)
BD8SV - Gear Ratio Chart (48 & 64dp)
BD8 - PCS Chart
BD8 - Features & Pictures
BD8 2018 - Features & Pictures
Blank Setup Sheet
BD8 Editable Setup Sheet
BD8 2018 Editable Setup Sheet
Base Setup Sheet
BD8 Asphalt Base Setup
BD8 Carpet Low Grip Base Setup
BD8 Carpet High Grip Base Setup
BD8 Asphalt Low Grip Base Setup
BD8 Asphalt HighGrip Base Setup
BD8 Carpet Low Grip Base Setup
BD8 Carpet High Grip Base Setup
Tips & Tricks
BD7/BD8 - Diff Build A. Fossto
Body Cutting Lines M. Hofer
BD8 - Rear Toe Control System
BD8 2018 - Tips

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Traction Surface Environment Source
02-03.06.2018 Christopher Krapp (2018)
Martin Hofer (2018/13.5)
TOS - Apeldoorn Medium-High
Flat Outdoor C. Krapp
M. Hofer
24-27.05.2018 Christopher Krapp (2018) RRTC - Tamiya USA Medium Flat Outdoor C. Krapp
26-27.05.2018 Martin Hofer (2018/13.5) Test - Apeldoorn Medium Flat Outdoor M. Hofer
11-13.05.2018 Alex Kunkler (SV/13.5) ETS - Andernach Medium Flat Outdoor A. Kunkler
13-15.04.2018 Christopher Krapp (2018)
Ronald Volker (2018)
Martin Hofer (2018/13.5)
ETS - Madrid Low-Medium Flat Outdoor M. Bok
14.04.2018 Tobias Vogel (2018/13.5) Singen Medium Flat Outdoor A. Myberg
02-04.03.2018 Meen Vejrak (2018) TITC - Huge RC Flat Indoor
07.01.2018 Takehiro Yamauchi (2018/17.5) Super Rajikon - Omiya Medium Flat Indoor Yokomo
19.11.2017 Sophoan Yem (USGT) Gulf GP - Porters Medium Flat Outdoor S. Yem
19.11.2017 Simon Nicholson (2018)
Calvin Holmes
Newcastle Medium Bumpy Outdoor S. Nicholson
C. Holmes
12.11.2017 Ryosuke Yamamoto (2018) Sagamido Racing Park High Flat Outdoor Yokomo
12.11.2017 Naoya Morita (2018/17.5) BeeTops Medium Bumpy Outdoor Yokomo
08.10.2017 Nicholas Lee (SV,'18)
Ng Wei Jian (SV/13.5)
TIPS Champs - Marine Low-Medium
Outdoor R. Itoh
08.10.2017 Calvin Holmes (SV/21.5) XRS - Whalan Low Flat-Bumpy Outdoor C. Holmes
23-24.09.2017 Julien Jost French Nats - Emerainville
23-24.09.2017 Nicholas Lee (SV)
Jackie Shum (SV)
CETC - Hong Kong Medium Flat Outdoor R. Itoh
24.09.2017 John Puse QLD State Titles - Bayside Low-Medium Bumpy Outdoor J Puse
08-10.09.2017 Nicholas Lee (SV)
Naoya Morita (SV/13.5)
AOC - GRC Medium Flat Outdoor N. Morita
26-27.08.2017 Loic Jasmin
Alex Kunkler (13.5)
French Cup - Besancon Medium Bumpy
Outdoor R. Itoh
13.08.2017 Eric Albano CTS - Roseville Flat Outdoor E. Albano
13.08.2017 Frederik Hovgaard Odense Medium Flat Outdoor F. Hov
05-06.08.2017 Christopher Krapp (SV)
Martin Hofer (SV/13.5)
Valentin Hettrich (SV/13.5)
Tobias Vogel (SV/13.5)
German Nats - Bamberg Low Bumpy Outdoor R. Itoh
06-07.08.2017 Masami Hirosaka (SV) Dintikon OverRC
28-30.07.2017 Tobias Vogel (SV/13.5) ETS - Ettlingen High Bumpy Outdoor R. Itoh
20.07.2017 Gen Nakajima (13.5) Japan Nats - Keitune Medium Flat Outdoor Yokomo
09.07.2017 Daisuke Yoshioka (13.5) Baiko Medium Bumpy Outdoor Yokomo
09.07.2017 Takehiro Yamauchi (17.5) Tengoku - Nagoya High Flat Outdoor Yokomo
01.07.2017 Ronald Volker EC - Valencia Low-Medium Flat Outdoor Yokomo
25.06.2017 Alex Kunkler South German Regionals - Strohgäu Medium Flat Outdoor A. Kunkler
23-25.06.2017 Nicholas Lee AOC - Hong Kong Outdoor Yokomo
16-18.06.2017 Christopher Krapp
Nicholas Lee
Martin Hofer (SV/13.5)
ETS - Trencin Medium Flat Outdoor Yokomo
18.06.2017 Hiroyuki Katayama (SV/17.5) Wangan Circuit Medium Bumpy Outdoor Yokomo
18.06.2017 Ryosuke Yamamoto (SV) Hobby Shop F1 Medium Flat Indoor Yokomo
18.06.2017 Rei Anekawa (SV/17.5) Yellow Submarine Stadium High Flat Indoor Yokomo
17.06.2017 Takehiro Yamauchi (SV/13.5) KeiTune Racing Speedway Medium Flat Outdoor Yokomo
02-04.06.2017 Nicholas Lee CETS - Xiamen Low Flat Outdoor Yokomo
04.06.2017 Naoki Akiyama Sodegaura Medium-High Flat Outdoor Yokomo
26-28.05.2017 Ronald Volker
Nicholas Lee
Naoki Akiyama
Eric Albano
Reedy Race - Tamiya USA Flat Outdoor Yokomo
06.05.2017 Gen Nakajima (SV/17.5)
Naoya Morita (SV/17.5)
Souta Goto (SV/17.5)
Takahiro Iwashimizu (SV/17.5)
Takashi Kato (SV/17.5)
JMRCA Sport Class - Nagoya High Flat Indoor Yokomo
07-09.04.2017 Martin Hofer (13.5) ETS - Madrid Medium Flat Outdoor M. Hofer
25-26.03.2017 Loic Jasmin French Nats - Rumilly High Flat Indoor L. Jasmin
25-26.03.2017 Nicholas Lee CETC - Guangzhou Indoor
17-19.02.2017 Nicholas Lee
Christopher Krapp
TITC - Bangkok High Flat Outdoor Yokomo
15.01.2017 Bethany Cullen IMCC Cup - Illawarra Medium Bumpy Outdoor B. Cullen
18-20.11.2016 Simon Nicholson Newcastle Low Bumpy Outdoor S. Nicholson
18-20.11.2016 Nicholas Lee Guau Kou Outdoor
23-27.08.2016 Ronald Volker
Nicholas Lee
WC - Beijing Flat Outdoor N. Lee
Carpet Driver Event - Place Traction Surface Environment Source
17.02.2018 Christopher Krapp (2018) Mibo Cup - Hrotovice Medium Flat Yokomo
02-04.02.2018 Yannic Prumper (2018)
Alex Kunkler (2018/13.5)
ETS - Daun High Flat
A. Myberg
20-21.01.2018 Yannic Prumper (2018)
Martin Hofer (2018/13.5)
GP3F - Longwy Medium Flat
M. Hofer
05-07.01.2018 Ronald Volker (2018) DHI - Odense High Bumpy Yokomo
30.12.2017 Takashi Kato (2018/17.5) G-Style Cup - Nagoya High Bumpy Yokomo
08-10.12.2017 Ronald Volker (2018)
Jimmy Maddison (2018)
Martin Hofer (2018/13.5)
EWS Int'l - Essex Medium
Bumpy Mibosport
J. Maddison
M. Hofer
24-26.11.2017 Ronald Volker (2018) AOC - Yatabe Arena Yokomo
18.11.2017 Tobias Vogel (2018/13.5) Singen Medium Flat A. Myberg
11.11.2017 Daisuke Yoshioka (2018/17.5) RC Shop MST Medium Flat Yokomo
27-29.10.2017 Christopher Krapp (2018)
Martin Hofer (2018/13.5)
ETS - Vienna High
R. Itoh
M. Hofer
22.10.2017 Naoya Morita (2018/17.5) RC Shop MST High Flat Yokomo
13.10.2017 Masami Hirosaka (SV/17.5) Yatabe Arena High Flat Yokomo
01.10.2017 Frederik Hovgaard (SV) DRMCU - Aalborg Medium Flat F. Hovgaard
17.09.2017 Alex Kunkler (SV/13.5)
Martin Hofer (SV/13.5)
Valentin Hettrich (SV/13.5)
Tobias Vogel (SV/13.5)
ADAC Mit. Cup - Nürburgring Medium Flat Medium Yokomo
11-13.08.2017 Nicholas Lee (SV) AOC - Canberra Medium Flat-Bumpy Yokomo
22-23.07.2017 Wang Haifeng (SV) CETC - RCI V2 Medium
19.06.2017 Makoto Ogasawara (17.5) Katsuma Circuit Medium Flat Yokomo
17.06.2017 Hiroyuki Katayama (SV/17.5) RC Pro Shop T2 Medium Flat Yokomo
04.06.2017 Masami Hirosaka (SV)
Takehiro Yamauchi (SV)
Plaza Hollywood - Hong Kong Low Flat Yokomo
30.05.2017 Masami Hirosaka (SV) Yatabe Arena Medium Flat Yokomo
03-04.02.2017 Christopher Krapp EWS Low-Medium Bumpy C. Krapp
24-26.02.2017 Ronald Volker
Martin Hofer
ETS - MuelheimKaerlich Medium Flat R. Itoh
M. Hofer
21-22.01.2017 Ronald Volker
Christopher Krapp
Loic Jasmin
Valentin Hettrich
GP3F - Longwy Medium Flat R. Volker
C. Krapp
06-08.01.2017 Naoki Akiyama DHI Cup - Odense
08.01.2017 Dominik Fleischmann
Valentin Hettrich (13.5)
Leonberg Medium
Flat A. Myberg
02-04.12.2016 Ronald Volker
Naoki Akiyama
Yugo Nagashima
Alex Kunkler (Pro Stock)
ETS - Hvrotovice
Flat R. Itoh
19-20.11.2016 Valentin Hettrich (13.5) WS - Longwy Medium Bumpy A. Myberg
20.11.2016 Team Yokomo Yatabe Arena Yokomo