This will be my starting setup for this weekend TOS in Apeldoorn.
The car finally makes traction.

Could you please explain where you cut the top deck and the diff/ spool positions you always just tick bd8, does that mean always high as if they are low they stick through the chassis?
Martin Hofer: bd8 cams can only be used in high position so yes that is what i use. with 1.5mm bulkhead shims as per 2018 kit. topdeck is cut where it would connect to the motormounts. gives more steering

Could you post a photo of the top deck?
Martin Hofer: cut the last cross connection where the screw hole is. easy

What were the biggest changes you made to the setup? I see the raised inner front ball stud and flipped steering. Anything else?
Martin Hofer: Narrower front hingepins


M. Hofer