2 days since coming back from Apeldoorn TOS - pre ETS race.
What did we learn

(Stock only)

We, myself, Tobias and Kunki arrived Friday morning. We started with the setup from Kunki where he finished 4:th in Andernach as a base. We already used this setup in Singen as well 2 weeks ago so we knew how the car would behave.

Car was flying from the start to be honest. Long time ago we had such a versatile setup which works on various tracks, carpet, asphalt, tight, open, big or small tracks.
This is essential to be able to be competitive at races because you should only make minor changes to adapt for the track and be able to work on the driving.

On Friday Kunki was the fastest on the track.
Tobias was a bit off as he has a different driving style then Kunki. Tobias turns harder on the steering wheel and uses more full lock then Kunki, so we need to adapt the setup for that.

Saturday Max M├Ąchler started to find some out of this world speed so we needed to start testing some out of the box ideas. But its hard to fight an Awesomatix on a day when all fits.

We tested alot and lost out on some pace due to some crazy setups and Nielsen got by in qualifying with 2:nd and Kunki in 3:rd

Tobias had some issues using new tires and gaining from that but was very consistent through the runs and the last qualifyers he improved and got up the field (the field was extremely competitive)

In Finals we went back to the starting setup for Kunki but with 1 change and the speed was back and he could have attacked for 2:nd but Nielsen never made any mistakes and Kunki finished 3:rd overall. A great preparation for ETS.
At the end, we used the std Andernach setup but with 1mm more Ackerman shims used to get some extra steering in the long sweeping corners.
This will be Kunkis starting setup for ETS in Apeldoorn.

With Tobias, we tested even more. With his preferred "full lock" driving we needed to find more steering through the long sweepers without making the car more nervous as well as keeping some more corner speed.

We made the rear more narrow first by 1.4mm in total and this made the car to rotate better over the rear.
We then made the rear another 1mm more narrow and the front 0.8mm in total more narrow as well which gave him some more corner speed.
1mm more Ackermann shims worked for Tobias as well.
We also changed the shock oil in the front shock and made it thicker compared to the rear
RP 35 rear and RP 45 front
This made the car diving in the front slower so that we have more steering at the end of longer corners with the full lock driving style.
Tobias was fast in the finals and make some great moves and had good speed. I think with that setup that he would have gone at least 2 spots higher in qualifying.

Martin Hofer has found his speed again after some uncommon out of shape ETS races and he finished 4:th at the event extremely close to Kunki.
Martin driver again differently then Kunki and Tobi with very little input on the steering so his setups are a bit different but very very fast.
We all start at more or less the same base setup, then we work on the setups to adress the individual driving styles of the drivers.

For ETS, this will be an extremely tight race and making the A-main will be a feat indeed. But we feel very good prepared and will do our outmost to achieve it once again. 3 cars in the main will be though but I think we will at least have 2 cars in the main.
ETS in Daun was a extremely succesfull event for Yokomo.
Will do what we can to achieve that again.
The Modified team looked hooked btw :)

Again, the facilities are great and the track is in my opinion absolut world class and will offer ETS some exciting finals


M. Hofer

Words: A. Myberg