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TM2 Manual Team C
TM2v2 Manual Team C
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TM2 Parts List
Build K. Lee
TM2v2 Features & Pictures Team C
TM2v2 Suspension Chart
RC Car Magazin - TM2 V2 Review
Blank Setup Sheet
TM2 V2 -Editable Setup Sheet
TM2 -Editable Setup Sheet
Standard Setup
TM2 - Tom Maquel - Basic Carpet Setup T. Maquel
TM2 - Franck Oudin Base Setup Astroturf (13.5) F. Oudin
TM2V2 - Kevin Lee Base Setup Astroturf K. Lee
TM2 V2 - Oskar Levin Base Setup for VBC Slicks O. Levin
Tips & Tricks
TM2 - Electronics Setup
TeamC Racing Gear Diff Shiming M. Pinkster
Usage of TM4 slipper
Team C Wheel Hex List T. Simpson

Astroturf Driver Event- Place Composition Traction Surface Source

09-10.09.2017 Michel Berty (V2) French Nats - Grenoble Astroturf Medium Bumpy (Wet) M. Berty
09-10.06.2017 Michel Berty (V2) French Nats - Mutzig Astroturf Medium Smooth M. Berty
07-08.04.2017 Michel Berty (V2) French Nats - Meyrargues Astroturf High Bumpy M. Berty
16.04.2016 Ieuan Payne Test - Mendip Astroturf High Bumpy I. Payne
02.04.2016 Craig Collinson Practice - RHR Astroturf High (Dry) Bumpy C. Collinson
18.07.2015 Craig Collinson (V2) BRCA Nats - TORCH Astroturf High, Dry Bumpy C. Collinson
June 2015 Nicolas Risser (V2) Practice - Kampenhout Astroturf High Bumpy J.M. Risser
02.05.2015 Craig Collinson (V2) BRCA Nats - Kidderminster Astroturf High, Dry C. Collinson
09-10.05.2015 Nicolas Risser (V2) French Nats - Maisons Alfort Astroturf Medium Very bumpy J.M. Risser
12.04.2015 Craig Collinson (V2) BRCA Nats - RHR Astroturf High, Dry C. Collinson
30.09.2014 Tony Parr (V2) Telford Astroturf Medium T. Parr
14.09.2014 Tony Parr (V2) Southport High Bumpy T. Parr
27.08.2014 Tony Parr (V2) BRCA Nats - RHR Astroturf High Bumpy T. Parr
23-24.08.2014 Oskar Levin (V2) Swedish Nats - Skarpnńck Astroturf High, Dry Bumpy O. Levin
02.08.2014 Kevin Lee (V2) BRCA Nats - Stotfold Astroturf High, Dry Bumpy K. Lee
20.07.2014 Matthiew Latham (V2) BuryMetro Astroturf Medium M. Latham
12.07.2014 Tony Parr (V2) Oople Race - Southport Astroturf High Bumpy T. Parr
July 2014 Nicolas Risser (V2) BNK - Arendonk Astroturf High Dry J.M. Risser
21.06.2014 Tony Parr Oople Race - RHR Astroturf Smooth T. Parr
10-11.05.2014 Benjamin Sion
Tom Maquel (V2)
French Nats - Mutzig Astroturf
High (Dry) / Low (Wet)

B. Sion
T. Maquel
22.04.2014 John Fillingham Silverstone Astroturf High Smooth J. Fillingham
March 2014 Kevin Lee (v2) Stotfold Astroturf High, Dry Bumpy K. Lee
16.03.2014 Zacarias Villalba (v2) SNS Rd1 - Madrid Astroturf High Bumpy Z. Villalba
17.11.2013 Kevin Lee Winter Series - Stotfold Astroturf Low Bumpy K. Lee
07-08.09.2013 Oliver Scholz German Nats - Burgdorf Astroturf Dry/Wet High O. Scholz
09.06.2013 James Helliwell Regionals - RHR Astro/Tarmec Bumpy High oOple
25.05.2013 David Poulter BRCA Nats - EPR Astro/Tarmec Bumpy High D. Poulter
31.03.2013 Alec Regional Astroturf Bumpy Medium oOple
03.02.2013 Jay Westwood Astroturf Wet/greasy oOple
03.02.2013 Stall4king Broxtowe Astroturf Variable oOple
09.06.2014 Nicolas Risser BNK - Vlijmen Dirt Low J.M. Risser
22-25.09.2013 Oliver Scholz World Champs - Chico Clay with sugar smooth Very high
28.04.2015 Widy Gimard Training - Baho Grass Medium W. Gimard
14-15.06.2014 Franck Oudin (13.5) French Nats - Montigny Grass Medium F. Oudin
14.07.2013 David Poulter SE 2wd Regional - Plough Raceway Grass + Hard Soil Bumpy Low D. Poulter
18.12.2016 Michel Berty (V2) Lunel Artificial Wood Floor High Smooth M. Berty
30.10.2016 David Leclercq (V2) Loos Carpet Medium-High Absima France
10.01.2016 Stephane Deroch (V2) CML Race Carpet Absima France
03-10.10.2015 Craig Collinson (V2) WC - Yatabe Arena Astroturf High, Dry Smooth C. Collinson
07-08.03.2015 Nicolas Risser (V2) French Nats - Louvres Carpet Low-Medium-High N. Risser
28.02.2015 Craig Collinson (V2) BBS - West Bridgeford Carpet Medium Smooth C. Collinson
Feb. 2015 Gareth Stanton (V2) ORW - Maritime Carpet/Wood Low-High Smooth G. Stanton
31.01.2015 Robert Batlle (V2) EOS - Berlin Carpet
09-11.01.2015 Tom Maquel (V2) DHI Cup - Odense Carpet High T. Maquel
01.11.2014 Hubert Honigl IDR Carpet High S. Shih
24-26.10.2014 Nicolas Risser (V2)
Tom Maquel (V2)
EOS - Poznan Carpet Medium T. Maquel
21.06.2014 Nicolas Risser (V2) Indoorground - Paris Carpet Medium-High JM. Risser
25-27.04.2014 Hubert Honigl (V2) EOS - Berlin Carpet
16.02.2014 Benjamin Sion Warn-up - Dammartin Carpet Low Smooth B. Sion
17-19.01.2014 Hubert Honigl (v2) EOS - Berlin Carpet
11-12.01.2014 Oskar Levin DHI Cup - Odense Carpet High w slippy section Smooth O. Levin
14.12.2013 Nicolas Risser Xmax Race - Dammartin Carpet High JM. Risser
14.12.2013 Kevin Lee WS Rd3 - Silverstone Astroturf High Smooth K. Lee
19.11.2013 Kevin Lee Club Race - Silverstone Astroturf High Smooth K. Lee
13-14.04.2013 Tom Maquel EOS - Dortmund Carpet High T. Maquel
09-10.03.2013 Benjamin Sion French Nats - Louvres Carpet Medium B. Sion
03.02.2013 Tom Maquel EIR - Charleroi Astroturf/Wood Low-Medium T. Maquel
03.02.2013 Benjamin Sion Dammartin Rubber floor w carpet on jumps Low Smooth B. Sion
11.01.2013 Alec Springer Club Race Low/Medium/High Smooth A. Springer
05-06.01.2013 Oliver Scholz EOS Rd2 - Langenfeld Carpet/Wood High T. Maquel
30.11.2012 Tom Maquel Practice - Charleroi Astroturf Medium T. Maquel
Soft Dirt
Not specified
20.09.2014 Tony Parr (V2) Silverstone High Smooth T. Parr
30.08.2014 Tony Parr (V2) Boughton Medium Bumpy T. Parr
April 2014 Gareth Stanton (V2) BRCA Nats - Kidderminster High Bumpy G. Stanton

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