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Manual & Diagram Source
WildFire D07 Manual VBC Racing
WildFire D07 Exploded View
WildFire Gear Chart (xls)
WildFire D07
WildFire D07 Built (1/2) -WildFire D07 Diff Assembly -WildFire D07 Built (2/2)
WildFire D07 Built
True Big Bore Touring Shocks Set D-05-VBC-0094
WildFire 'ARTS - Active Rear Toe System' Kit D-05-VBC-0183
TBB Shocks Build (Spanish)
WildFire D07 - Review Glattbahner
Blank Setup Sheet
WildFire D07 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Base Setup Sheet
WildFire D07 Default Setup VBC Racing
WildFire D07 - Ryan Maker - Basic Asphalt Setup
WildFire D07 - Korey Harbke - Basic Asphalt Setup
WildFire D07 - Lucas Urbain - Basic Carpet Setup
Tips & Tricks
Electronics Setups

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Layout Traction Surface Source
23.08.2015 Samuel Forbes Fantasy World Medium Medium S. Forbes
16.08.2015 Nicolas Delise Belgium Nats - Genk Low Smooth N. Delise
02.08.2015 Danny Lim
Dorian Yeo (13.5)
Urban Playspace Low Medium-Bumpy Streetrevo RC
27.07.2015 Athan De Witte Belgium Nats - Ruchpen Medium-High Smooth VBC Racing
19.07.2015 Nicolas Delise Ruchpen Medium-High Medium N. Delise
12.07.2015 George Andreadakis Xtreme Speedways - Creta Medium Smooth G. Andreadakis
28.06.2015 Eric Epp (13.5) Roadrunners - Camarillo Medium Medium E. Epp
07.06.2015 George Andreadakis FRT - Athens Medium Bumpy-Medium G. Andreadakis
31.05.2015 Doran Yeo (13.5)
Dixon Koh (13.5)
Victor Lim (13.5)
PA Track Medium Medium-Bumpy Streetrevo RC
24.05.2015 Korey Harbke Reedy Race - Tamiya USA Medium Bumpy K. Harbke
01-03.05.2015 Lucas Urbain ETS - Mattsee Low-Medium Smooth L. Urbain
06.04.2015 Danny Lim
Dixon Koh (17.5)
Victor Lim (17.5)
Urban Playspace Medium Medium-Bumpy Streetrevo RC
05.04.2015 Ryan Maker Vict Titles Low Bumpy VBC Australia
28-29.04.2015 Lucas Urbain French Nats - Lentilly Medium VBC Racing
01.03.2015 Ryan Maker
Antoni Caretti
TITC - RC Addict Medium
VBC Racing
A. Caretti
19.12.2015 Samuel Forbes Seattle RC Racers Medium Smooth S. Forbes
01.11.2015 Lucas Urbain French Winter Nats - Montbrison Medium-High Smooth VBC Racing
03.10.2015 Nicolas Delise Limburg Arena Medium Smooth N. Delise
02.08.2015 Max Kuenning (13.5, 1S) 5280 Raceway Medium Smooth M. Kuenning
19.04.2015 Korey Harbke
Max Kuenning
MHIC - 5280 Raceway High
K. Harbke
M. Kuenning
21-22.02.2015 Lucas Urbain
Nicolas Delise
WS - Longwy Medium Bumpy-Medium N. Delise
06-08.02.2015 Nicolas Delise ETS - Muelheim-Kaerlich Medium-High Medium-Smooth N. Delise
31.01.2015 Korey Harbke (13.5/Mod) Snowbirds High Smooth K. Harbke
22.01.2015 Korey Harbke (17.5) NORA Medium Smooth K. Harbke
18.01.2015 Lucas Urbain WS Rd3 - Longwy Medium-High Bumpy L. Urbain
18.01.2015 Max Kuenning (17.5) Grand Rapid Medium Bumpy M. Kuenning
04.01.2015 Nicolas Delise Testing - Megadrome High Medium N. Delise
15.12.2014 Michael Kiesewetter Testing - Geilenkirchen Medium-High VBC Racing
13.12.2014 John Tsang Over Geared Racing Low-Medium Smooth-Medium J. Tsang
12.12.2014 Korey Harbke Can-Am Challenge Medium Medium K. Harbke
23.11.2014 Lucas Urbain WS Rd2 - Longwy High Bumpy L. Urbain
09.11.2014 Lucas Urbain WS Rd1 - Longwy Medium-High Bumpy L. Urbain
26.10.2014 Jimmy Maddison EWS Rd1 Mixed Medium

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