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Setups: Asphalt, Carpet

Manual & Diagram Source
F6 - Manual Team Associated
F6 - Build (Video) J. Ferguson
F6 - Build T. Phalen
F6 - Parts List
F6 - Overview, Features, Specifications & Pictures
Blank Setup Sheet
F6 - Blank Editable Setup Sheet
Starting Setup
F6 - Kit Setup
Tips & Tricks

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Traction Surface Layout Source
23-24.06.2018 Olivier Pierrat French Nats - Montbrison
27-29.04.2018 Adam Hutchison ROAR Nats - Ft Myers High Bumpy-Smooth X-Large Associated
30.09.2017 Paolo Freducci Practice - Rome High Smooth Small P. Freducci
23-24.09.2017 Denis Lambert French Nats - Emerainville Medium Smooth Small D. Lambert
10.09.2017 Steffen Stein (LMP) LRP Ch. - Hockendorf Low Smooth Large S. Stein
28-30.07.2017 Andreas Stiebler ETS - Ettlingen High Bumpy Large A. Stiebler
16-18.06.2017 Andreas Stiebler ETS - Trencin High Smooth Large A. Stiebler
05.06.2017 Aaron Lane Cal Raceway Medium Smooth Mixed-Large Associated
04.06.2017 Andreas Stiebler Austrian Nats - Neustadt High Smooth Large A. Stiebler
12-14.05.2017 Andreas Stiebler ETS - Riccione High Bumpy Large A. Stiebler
14-16.04.2017 Eppo Cleiren IDFM - Heemstede Medium Smooth Large E. Cleiren
Carpet Driver Event - Place Traction Surface Layout Source
29.04.2018 Steffen Stein (LMP) Hennigsdorf Medium Large S. Stein
25.03.2018 Steffen Stein (LMP) Gelenau Medium Mixed S. Stein
02-04.02.2018 Andreas Stiebler ETS - Daun High Bumpy-Smooth Mixed A. Stiebler
04.02.2018 Steffen Stein (LMP) HLC - Leipzig High Large S. Stein
20.01.2018 Andreas Stiebler Mibosport Cup High Smooth Mixed A. Stiebler
14.01.2018 Andreas Stiebler (LMP) LRP Ch. - Neudorf Medium Smooth Mixed/font> A. Stiebler
23-26.11.2017 Adam Hutchison USIC - Cleveland High Smooth Large Associated
26.11.2017 Brian Davis Turkey Shootout - Minnreg High Smooth Mixed-Large B. Davis
11.11.2017 Tommy Hinz LV GP - 702 RCR Medium Bumpy Mixed S. Stein
08.10.2017 Steffen Stein (LMP) LRP Ch. - Munzig High Small S. Stein
31.04.2017 Adam Hutchinson Ste Hyacinthe High Smooth Mixed A. Hutchinson
08.04.2017 Rob Jensen Gulfcoast Raceway Low-Medium Smooth R. Jensen
12.03.2017 Bob Stellflue WS - TQ Raceway Medium Smooth Associated

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