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Manuals Source

KC - Manual Racing Cars
KD - Manual
KC - Exploded View
KD - Exploded View
KC & KD - Motor Positions
Klinick - Max Conversion Instruction
KC - Features & Pictures
KD - Features & Pictures
Blank Setup Sheet
KC - Editable Setup Sheet
KD - Editable Setup Sheet
Base Setups
KC - Kit Setup Carpet Track
KC - Kit Setup Astroturf Track
KD - Kit Setup Dry Dirt Track
KD - Kit Setup Wet Astroturf Track
Tristam Neal U7502 - C/F Chassis 2.5mm - KC/KD (-5mm)
Tips & Tricks
KC & KD Electronics Setups
Emulsion Shocks
How to get narrow wheels T. Cockerill

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Layout Source
Oct. 2018 Jorn Neumann (KC) Arena33 Astroturf High Bumpy Open Schumacher
26.08.2018 Michal Orlowski (KC) oOple Race - RHR Astroturf High Bumpy Mixed Schumacher
12.08.2018 Tony Newland (KC) RC Madness Astroturf Low/High Smooth-Bumpy Mixed T. Newland
30.06.2018 Michal Orlowski (KC)
WesleyVanHelmond (KC)
Belgium GP - Kampenhout Astroturf Low Smooth Mixed W. Van Helmond
27.05.2018 Florent Gallot (KC) Gargenville Astroturf High Smooth Tight F. Gallot
20-22.04.2018 Michal Orlowski (KC)
Jorn Neumann (KC)
EOS - Arena33 Astroturf Medium Bumpy Mixed Schumacher
17.09.2017 Ian Joyner (KD) Southport Astroturf-Grass Low Bumpy I. Joyner
06.08.2017 Michal Orlowski (KC) oOple Race - RHR Astroturf High Bumpy Schumacher
08-09.07.2017 Tom Yardy (KC) BRCA Nats - Boughton Astroturf Low Bumpy Schumacher
09.07.2017 R÷der (KC) Bernau Astroturf High Bumpy R÷der
17-18.06.2017 Phil Sleigh (KC) BRCA Nats - RHR Astroturf High Bumpy P. Sleigh
29-30.04.2017 Tom Yardy (KC) BRCA Nats - Telford Astroturf High Bumpy Schumacher
26.02.2017 Tom Yardy (KD) Test - Telford Astroturf Low Bumpy Schumacher
19.02.2017 Tom Yardy (KC) MAM - Telford Astroturf High Bumpy Schumacher
23-28.07.2018 Michal Orlowski (KD) EC - Reims Clay Low Smooth Mixed Schumacher
19-20.05.2018 Michal Orlowski (KD) French Nats - Bonneville Clay Low Bumpy M. Orlowski
05-06.05.2018 Michal Orlowski (KD) EC Warm-up - Reims Clay Low Smooth-Bumpy Schumacher
08.04.2018 Tony Newland (KC) Clay High Smooth-Bumpy T. Newland
17.02.2018 Glen Bean (KC) Clay High Bumpy G. Bean
18-21.01.2018 Michal Orlowski (KC)
Jorn Neumann (KC)
RROC - OCRC Clay High
J. Neumann
16.01.2018 Jorn Neumann (KC) Practice - SDRC Clay Medium Smooth J. Neumann
11-18.11.2017 Michal Orlowski (KC) WC - Xiamen Clay High Smooth Schumacher
11.08.2017 Edward Mullen (KC) Clay High Bumpy Schumacher
17-19.07.2017 Michal Orlowski (KC) EC - Pinerolo Clay Medium Bumpy Schumacher
08.04.2017 Glen Bean (KD) Clay High Bumpy G. Bean
08.04.2017 Glen Bean (KD) Clay High Bumpy G. Bean
08.04.2017 Glen Bean (KD) Clay High Bumpy G. Bean
19.03.2017 Glen Bean (KD) Clay Medium Smooth G. Bean
08.03.2017 Glen Bean (KD) Clay Medium Bumpy G. Bean
05.03.2017 Glen Bean (KD) Clay High Bumpy G. Bean
02.03.2017 Glen Bean (KD) Clay Medium Bumpy G. Bean
26.02.2017 Glen Bean (KD) Clay Medium Bumpy G. Bean
25.02.2017 Tony Newland (KC) IRCR Clay High Bumpy T. Newland
19-22.01.2017 Michal Orlowski (KC) Reedy Race - OCRC Clay High Bumpy Schumacher
July 2016 Michal Orlowski (KD) EC - Valladolid Clay Low Bumpy Schumacher
20.05.2018 Allan O'Brien (KC) SORC Grass Low-Medium Bumpy A. O'Brien
16.07.2017 Ian Joyner (KD) SLMCC Grass Low Bumpy I. Joyner
28.05.2017 Allan O'Brien (KC) SORC Grass Medium Bumpy A. O'Brien
23.04.2017 James Collins (KD) SORC - Nora Grass Low Bumpy J. Collins
28.10.2018 Tristam Neal (KC) Carpet High Smooth Mixed Schumacher
Oct. 2018 Jorn Neumann Limburg Carpet High Smooth Tight Schumacher
14.10.2018 Michal Orlowski (KC) Worksop Medium Smooth Mixed Schumacher
14-16.09.2018 Michal Orlowski (KC)
Jorn Neumann (KC)
EOS - Nurburgring Carpet High Smooth Tight Schumacher
23-25.03.2018 Michal Orlowski (KC) EOS - Wels Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
24-25.03.2018 Wesley Van Helmond BK - Charlevoix Astrotruf Low Bumpy J. Van Helmond
03.02.2018 Tom Yardy (KC) Silverstone Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
23-25.02.2018 Michal Orlowski (KC)
Jorn Neumann (KC)
EOS - Trencin Carpet High Smooth
03.02.2018 Jorn Neumann (KC) Lyon Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
26-28.01.2018 Michal Orlowski (KC)
Jorn Neumann (KC)
EOS - Daun Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
28.01.2017 Ian Joyner (KC) Southport Astroturf High Smooth I. Joyner
24.01.2018 Dave Ramos (KC) Beachline Raceway Astroturf Medium Bumpy Schumacher
13-14.01.2018 Michal Orlowski (KC) MKGP Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
14.01.2017 Banana (KC) Carpet High Smooth Tight RC Tech
05-07.01.2018 Michal Orlowski (KC)
Jorn Neumann (KC)
DHI - Odense Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
09.12.2017 Paul Rooijakkers (KC) Model Indoor Oss Carpet High Smooth oOple
20-22.10.2017 Michal Orlowski (KC) EOS - Warsaw Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
01.10.2017 Michal Orlowski (KC) Worksop Cork Floor Medium Smooth Schumacher
12.09.2017 Tristam Neal (KC) Silverstone (Cactus Test) Carpet Medium Schumacher
22-23.04.2017 Wesley Van Helmond (KC) BNK - Soignes Astroturf Medium Smooth J. Van Helmond
17-19.03.2017 Michal Orlowski (KC) EOS - Andernach Carpet Smooth Schumacher
12.03.2017 Danny McGee (KC) Worksop Cork floor Medium Smooth Schumacher
26.02.2017 Tom Yardy (KC) Silverstone Carpet High Bumpy Schumacher
04.02.2017 Tom Yardy (KC) BWOC Astroturf High Bumpy Schumacher

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