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4XS - Manual M. Vollmer
4XS - Parts List Carisma
4XS - Spring Chart
4XS - Suspension Insert Guide
4XS - Features, Specifications & Pictures
4XS 2017 - Features, Specifications & Pictures
4XS - Review J. Snyder
4XS - Build Ruddog Dist
4XS - Review & Build Tips P. Knight
4XS - Review RC Car Zone
Blank Setup Sheet
4XS - Editable Setup Sheet
4XS - Notes
Standard Setup
Tips & Tricks
4XS Tech Tips
Electronics Setup
4XS Setup Tips with Atsushi Hara
4XS 2017 New Diff Shims Setup
Oliver Szymanski - Rear End Modification

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
09.12.2017 Mark Hawkins Belmont Astroturf High Smooth M. Hawkins
17.04.2016 Craig Harris
Phil Sleigh
BRCA Nats - Kidderminster Astroturf High Smooth C. Harris
Ph. Sleigh
08.09.2017 M. Hawkins WCMRC Clay Low Bumpy M. Hawkins
10.12.2016 Luke Ellis (17.5) Gold Coast Clay Medium-High L. Ellis
02.07.2016 Tod Trower West Coast Clay Low Smooth T. Trower
04.06.2016 Ivan Cheung ChuNan Race Track Hard Packed I. Cheung
20.03.2016 Leigh Cheeseman (17.5) Knox Hard Packed Medium L. Cheeseman
06.03.2016 Jon Philpott Knox Blue Groove Medium J. Philpott
15.11.2015 Atsushi Hara Lali Warehouse Hard Packed Medium Carisma
18.10.2015 Tod Trower Baywater Hard Packed Medium Smooth T. Trower
11.10.2015 Jon Philpott Knox Blue Groove Medium RC Tech
01.05.2016 Phil Sleigh UK Grass Ph. Sleigh
18.03.2018 Ellis Stafford Junction 16 Carpet High Smooth E. Stafford
04.02.2018 Ellis Stafford 1066 Carpet High Smooth E. Stafford
07.01.2017 Elis Rondahl Minicars Carpet Medium-High Smooth L. Rondahl
19.03.2016 Lukasz Potepa Mibo Cup - Hvrotovice Carpet High L. Potepa
07.02.2016 Craig Harris BWOC - Silverstone Astroturf Very High C. Harris
13.12.2015 Martin Bollenbacher Silverstone Astroturf High Smooth M. Bollenbacher
01.12.2015 Martin Bollenbacher Silverstone Astroturf High Smooth M. Bollenbacher
22.11.2015 Stefan Mateo Indoordogne - Agen Carpet S. Mateo
13.11.2015 Craig Harris Caldicot C. Harris
Soft Dirt

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