This car replace the SC10

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SC5M Manual Associated
SC5M - Features, specifiations & Pictures
SC5M Parts List
#91461 Gear Diff Supplement
#91548 & #91549 Aluminum Rear Hubs
#91385 Arm Mount Inserts
Gear Ratio Chart Arn0
AE Damper Chart Ray Munday
Tuning Guide
SC5M - Review RCCA
Bruno Heremans build tips
Tips & Tricks
Team AE Tech Tips & Tricks Associated
How to Properly Build and Break-in a Ball Differential and Slipper Clutch RC Tech
SC5M Electronics Setup
AE Hubs to Schelle B5/B5M Hubs
Blank Setup Sheet
SC5M - Editable Setup Sheet
B5/B5M - Option / Tuning Parts List
B5 - Notes
Starting Setup
Robert Gabrielson - Baseline OCRC

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Surface Traction Source
07.04.2018 Terrance Ruskin Clay High-Very High Grooved Terrance
02-04.03.2018 Ryan Cavalieri Desert Classis Clay
15.07.2017 Matt Kellett QLD Champs - Logan Hard Packed Low-Medium M. Kellett
09.04.2017 Terrance SS Hobbies Dirt Bumpy-Smooth High Terrance
08.10.2016 Douglas Hobbs (M/17.5) Gold Cup - Tacoma Dirt Bumpy High D. Hobbs
21.08.2016 Douglas Hobbs (M/17.5) Xtreme RC Loose Dirt Bumpy Medium D. Hobbs
12-14.08.2016 Ryan Cavalieri (M) ROAR Nats - Omaha Hard Packed Associated
07.05.2016 Ray Munday (M) Vic Titles - Keilor Hard Packed Dirt Groove Medium R. Munday
23.02.2016 Chad Due Motorama Dirt Bumpy Low-Medium Associated
09.01.2016 Terrance (17.5) Newred Hobbies Dirt Bumpy-Smooth High-Very High Terrance
05-06.12.2015 Shane Borden (17.5) JC INS - Omaha Dirt Smooth Medium-High S. Borden
07-09.08.2015 Ryan Cavalieri (M) ROAR Nats - SRS Clay Bumpy, Dusty Very High Associated
05.08.2015 Robert Gabrielson OCRC Clay V High R. Gabrielson
19.07.2015 Ryan Cavalieri OCRC Clay Smooth Medium-V High Associated
17.02.2018 Tom Tanner HardwoodClassic Carpet
05.02.2017 Nick Wautlet Outlaw RC Carpet High Smooth N. Wautlet
31.12.2016 Douglas Hobbs Diehard RC Carpet Bumpy High D. Hobbs
02.12.2016 Martin Bollenbacher Silvertone Carpet High M. Bollenbacher
Soft Dirt

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