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RX-10S Manual Destiny
RX-10SR Manual
RX-10SR2.0 Manual
RX-10SR Features, Specifications & Images
RX-10SR Charts: Flex, Suspension, Transmission
RX-10SR Gear Charts
Race Crew Chief - RX10SR
RX-10SR2.0 Features, Specifications & Images
Blank Setup Sheet
RX-10S Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
RX-10SR Editable Setup Sheet
RX-10SR2.0 Editable Setup Sheet
Basic Setup
RX10S Kit Setup
RX10SR Kit Setup
Alexander Stoker - ETS Carpet Start Setup
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RX10S Build Review RC Racer
RX10S Build A. Shapland
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RX10SR Build Review RC Racer
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RX10SR 2.0 Build Part 1 (Spanish) RC Machines
RX10SR 2.0 Build Part 2 (Spanish) RC Machines

Asphalt Driver Event - Track - City Layout Surface Traction Source
17.10.2019 Max Hill (2.0/13.5+21.5) Bundy Mixed Flat Low-Medium/Medium M. Hill
08.03.2020 Patrick Poon (2.0)
Lap Cheung (2.0/13.5)
Team Power Cup - PYC Flat Medium P. Poon
15.12.2019 Patrick Poon (2.0) Team Power Cup - PYC Flat Medium P. Poon
23-25.11.2018 Yugo Nagashima (R) Oz Nats - EPR Flat Low-Medium M. Max
21.10.2018 E.C. Kim (R) GRC Tight Flat Low-Medium E.C. Kim
20-22.07.2018 Yugo Nagashima (R) JMRCA Nats - 2in1 Bumpy Low-Medium M. Ma
22.05.2018 Peter Wong (R/13.5) SMA Open Bumpy Low-Medium P. Wong
20.05.2018 E.C. Kim (R) GRC Tight Flat Medium E.C. Kim
20.05.2018 Peter Wong (R/13.5) Whalan Both Flat Medium-High P. Wong
11-13.05.2018 Yugo Nagashima (R)
Nicolas Delise (R/13.5)
ETS - Andernach Tight Bumpy Medium-High N. Delise
06.05.2018 Billy Fletcher (R/17.5) Adur Mixed Bumpy Medium B. Fletcher
06.05.2018 Nicolas Delise (R/17.5) Test - Roulers Mixed Bumpy Low-Medium N. Delise
13-15.04.2018 Yugo Nagashima (R) ETS - Madrid Flat Low-Medium M. Ma
07-08.04.2018 Billy Fletcher (R) BRCA Nats - Cotswold Open Bumpy Medium B. Fletcher
24.03.2018 Terry Norman (R/13.5) Eden Park Raceway Open Flat Medium-High M. Ma
10.02.2018 Max Hill (R/13.5) Asphalt Assault - WCMRC Mixed Bumpy Medium M. Ma
28.01.2018 Garry Logan (R) Metro - TFTR Tight Flat Medium-High M. Ma
30.12.2017 Andrew Shapland Xmax Break - Bendale Medium-High A. Shapland
10.12.2017 Terry Norman (13.5) Tamworth Cup Medium T. Norman
10.12.2017 Andrew Shapland Xmax Cup - TRCCC Low-Medium A. Shapland
05.11.2017 Kaden Woods Oz Nats - WCMRC Medium-High M. Ma
13.08.2017 Patrick Poon Team Powers Cup - PYC Medium Patrick Poon
23.07.2017 Jin Sawada
Shin Sawada
JMRCA - Keitune Medium M. Ma
16.07.2017 Ollie Payne EWS Summer Ed. - Adur Medium O. Payne
02.07.2017 Ollie Payne Adur O. Payne
16-18.06.2017 Jin Sawada ETS - Trencin Medium M. Ma
26-28.05.2017 Jin Sawada Reedy Race - Tamiya USA
21.05.2016 Jason Butterfield (13.5) BRCA Nats - Adur Medium J. Butterfield
13.05.2016 Jason Butterfield (13.5) ETS - Riccione Medium J. Butterfield
07.05.2017 Niels Meurs (13.5) BK - Rucphen Medium-High N. Meurs
22-23.04.2017 Jason Butterfield
Liam Hendy
BRCA Nats - WLRC Low-Medium J. Butterfield
16-19.02.2017 Jin Sawada TITC - Bangkok
05.02.2017 Terry Norman XRS - SMA Medium T. Norman
15.01.2017 Max Hill Baywater Low M. Hill
15.01.2017 Juan-Carlos García García CDRZ Low J.C. García García
18.12.2016 Penny Yip AOC Track Medium-Low Destiny
23-27.07.2016 Kiu Chan WC - Beijing Outdoor
17.07.2016 Juan Carlos García Gracia CAR 10 Outdoor High J.C. García
18-19.06.2016 Max Ma BIRC - HugeRC Indoor High M. Ma
13.05.2016 Jason Butterfield (13.5) ETS - Riccione Medium-Low J. Butterfield
30.04.2016 Jason Butterfield BRCA Nats - Cotswold Medium J. Butterfield
17.04.2016 Bettsy Adur Outdoor Low-Medium Roche
Carpet Driver Event - Track - City Layout Surface Traction Source
25.10.2020 Mike Wise (2.0) Halloween Classic Medium-High M. Wise
02.02.2020 Mike Wise (2.0) Snowbirds Flat Medium-High M. Wise
22-24.03.2019 Johnny Carey (2019)
Martin Lecuyer (2019/13.5 & USGT)
Patrick St Germain (R/17.5)
Canadian Nats - Welland Flat Medium-High J. Carey
01-03.02.2019 Yugo Nagashima (R) Snowbirds Flat Medium-High M. Ma
29.12.2018 Nicolas Delise (R/13.5) Arena 33 Tight-Open Medium-High N. Delise
23-25.11.2018 Yugo Nagashima (R) US Indoor - Cleveland Flat Medium-High M. Max
20.10.2018 Yugo Nagashima (R) AOC - Yatabe Arena Medium-High M. Max
29.09.2018 Nicolas Delise (R/13.5) Limburg Tight Medium-High N. Delise
29.07.2018 Chun Yin Lee (R) TRC Open Bumpy Medium M. Max
17.06.2018 E.C. Kim (R) Bexco Bumpy Medium E.C. Kim
22.04.2018 Chris Hillier (R) MHIC - 5280 Raceway Tight Flat Medium-High RC Tech
06-08.04.2018 Jin Sawada (R)
Yugo Nagashima (R)
AOC - Shanghai Flat Medium M. Ma
Y. Nagashima
22-25.03.2018 Johnny Carey (R/17.5) Canadian Nats - Outlaw RC Both Bumpy-Flat Medium-High J. Carey
15.03.2018 Billy Fletcher (R/10.5) EWS Bumpy Medium B. Fletcher
15.03.2018 Nicolas Delise (R) Medium-High N. Delise
02-04.02.2018 Jin Sawada (R)
Yugo Nagashima (R)
Snowbirds Flat Medium-High N. Delise
02-04.02.2018 Nicolas Delise (R) ETS - Daun Medium-High N. Delise
14.01.2018 Ant Lockyer (R) EWS Mixed Bumpy Low-Medium A. Lockyer
14.01.2018 Andy Travis (R) XRS - CWIC Open Smooth Low-Medium RC Racer
31.12.2017 Vesa Yli (R) Test - Oulu Tight Flat Medium-High V. Yli
31.12.2017 Nicolas Delise (R) Limburg Medium-High N. Delise
07.11.2017 Chris Vogan Austintown Medium-High C. Vogan
07.11.2017 Vesa Yli Finish Nats - Lahti Medium V. Yli
02.09.2017 Vesa Yli Test - Oulu Medium V. Yli
11-13.08.2017 Jin Sawada
Terry Norman (13.5)
AOC - Canberra Medium-High M. Ma
T. Norman
23.07.2017 Johnny Carey (13.5) Austintown Medium-High J. Carey
22-23.07.2017 Luo Yongsheng (13.5) CETC - RCI V2 Medium-High
27.04.2017 Kenji Matsushima (17.5) Test - Osaka Medium M. Ma
14-16.04.2017 Jin Sawada AOC - Shanghai Medium M. Ma
17-19.03.2016 Josh Cyrul
Dave Johnson
Canadian Nats - Outlaw J. Cyrul
12.03.2016 Bryan Thomas Bush River Raceway Medium B. Thomas
16.10.2016 Andy Travis CWIC - Chippenham Medium RC Racer
24.09.2016 Vesa Yli Test - Oulu Medium V. Yli
18.09.2016 Josh Cyrul IIC Warm Up - 360v2 Medium-High J. Cyrul
03.09.2016 Josh Cyrul Test - The Gate Medium M. Ma
15-17.04.2016 Patrick Poon
Kiu Chan
AOC - Shanghai Medium P. Poon
M. Ma

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