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Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
20-22.04.2018 Kaja Novotny EOS - Arena33 Astroturf Medium Medium Xray
01.10.2017 Leon McIntosh Turf Cup Series - Beachline Astroturf High-Very High Bumpy Xray
Clay/Dirt Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
05.11.2017 Leon McIntosh JC SuperCup - Newred Hobbies Hard Packed Medium-High Bumpy L. McIntosh
24.09.2017 Landen Lewis Cajun Classic - Shreveport Clay High Smooth Xray
11-13.08.2017 Ty Tessmann ROAR - Gaithersburg Hard Packed High Smooth Xray
01-02.04.2017 Leon McIntosh SuperCup - Coral Spring Blue Groove High Smooth Xray
10-12.03.2017 Ty Tessmann Desert Classic - Hobby Action Hard Packed Low Smooth Xray
11-12.02.2017 Wesley Gifford JC Indoor - SmacTrac Hard Packed Medium Medium Xray
06.02.2017 Landen Lewis Super Cup - Lake Park Hard Packed Low Smooth Xray
27.12.2016 Wesley Gifford St Louis Clay High Medium Xray
10-11.12.2016 Chad Eubanks JC Nats Finale - Speed RC Blue Groove/Hard Packed High Smooth C. Eubanks
20.11.2016 Ethan Lefebvre ROAR Region - Thornhill Blue Groove High Smooth Xray
05.11.2016 Daniel Grobe
Ethan Lefebvre
WS - Thornhill Hard Packed
Blue Groove
Smooth Xray
Grass Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
Indoor Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
16-18.11.2017 Kaja Novotny (2018) EOS - Warsaw Carpet High Smooth Xray
17-18.11.2018 Arnaud Matohanza (2019) Louvres Carpet High A. Matohanza
20-22.10.2017 Kaja Novotny EOS - Warsaw Carpet High Smooth Xray
09-12.10.2017 Leon McIntosh (2017) IOCC - Las Vegas Carpet Low High Xray
21-23.04.2017 Martin Bayer EOS - Wels Carpet High Smooth Xray
Martin Bayer
Kaja Novotny
Christophe Dupuis
EOS - Arena33 Carpet Smooth Xray

C. Dupuis
11.03.2017 Kaja Novotny Czeck Nats - Olomouc Carpet High Smooth Xray
11.02.2017 Scott Karcheski Trains & Lanes Carpet High Smooth Xray
03-05.02.2017 Kaja Novotny EOS - Trencin Carpet High Smooth Xray
15.01.2017 Lewis Landen Leon McIntosh SuperCup - Beachline Astroturf Very High Bumpy Xray
31.12.2016 Doug Hobbs (13.5) Diehard Carpet High-Very High Smooth D. Hobbs
27.12.2016 Martin Wollanka Leopodsdorf Carpet High Xray
19.12.2016 Martin Bayer XRS - Trencin Carpet Medium Smooth Xray
EOS - Warsaw Carpet High
Very High
Smooth Xray
Miscellaneous Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source

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