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Manual Source
Manual Kyosho
Parts List
Exploded View
UMW516 Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier(0░/0.5░/1.0░)
UMW519 SP Front Hinge Pin Brace
UMW520-520GM Alu Battery Post Set
UMW521 Carbon Battry Holder
UMW602 Ball Differential Set
Aluminum Gear Diff Case Cap (UMW726)
Features & Pictures Kyosho
Review J. Snyder
RB6/7 Battery Conversion Guide M. Headling
Blank Setup Sheet
Editable Setup Sheet Arn0

Starting Setup
Kit Setup Dave
Dave Dirt Track Base Setup Dave

Tips & tricks
How-To Bleed Kyosho Shocks K. King
Electronics Setup
Jared Tebo - Kyosho Ball Diff Build
N. M. Michalodimitrakis - Ultimate Astroturf Guide

Blue Groove
18-20.07.2014 Jared Tebo Hot Rod Shootout Blue Groove High Smooth Kyosho USA
08.06.2019 Kyle Munson (13.5) Fremont Hard Packed/Loose Low-Medium Kyosho USA
27.04.2019 Kyle Munson (13.5) Kyosho Race - Warren Clay Medium-High Smooth Kyosho USA
06-08.01.2017 Jared Tebo MidWest Champs - CRCRC Clay Medium-High Smooth-Bumpy J. Tebo
18.09.2016 Robert Kwan (Mid) SDRC Clay Medium-High R. Kwan
16.07.2016 Robert Kwan (Mid) SDRC Clay Medium-High R. Kwan
05-06.12.2015 Jared Tebo (Mid) JC INS - Omaha Clay Medium Smooth J. Tebo
06-09.08.2015 Tanner Day (Mid/17.5) ROAR Nats - SRS Clay High Smooth
05.04.2015 Derek Wood (Mid) Spring Classic - BGRC Clay D. Wood
14-15.03.2015 Jared Tebo (Mid) Cactus Classic - SRS Clay High Bumpy J. Tebo
09-11.01.2015 Jared Tebo (Mid) Mid West Champs - CRCRC Clay High, Wet Bumpy JTPRC
19-24.08.2014 Jared Tebo (Mid) ROAR Nats - Space Coast RC Clay Medium to High Bumpy J. Tebo
23.08.2014 Dave (Rear) ACRC - Mitchell Park Dirt Medium Dave
21.08.2014 Jason Snyder Rainmans J. Doak
22.04.2014 Joe Doak Addiction RC J. Doak
19.04.2014 Cody Turner JBRL - Coyote Hobbies Kyosho USA

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