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Manual Source
D216 - Manual - Exploded View Hot Bodies
D216 - Parts List
D216 - Kick-up, Anti-squat, Rear toe and springs charts
Details & Pictures
Blank Setup Sheet
Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Editable Setup Sheet v2 Arn0
Starting Setup
Starting Setup - Dirt & Carpet Tracks G. Boudreau
Tips & Tricks
D216 - Electronics Setups
D216 - Gord Tessmann - Shock Building Pro Tip
David Ronnefalk - Pro Tip

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
06-07.07.2019 Lee Chorley Belgium GP - Kampenhout Astroturf/Hard Packed Low` Smooth L. Chorley
08.07.2018 Chris Whitworth Regionals - Telford Astroturf Low-Medium Bumpy C. Whitworth
06.05.2018 Chris Whitworth Regionals - Coventry Astroturf Medium Bumpy C. Whitworth
24.09.2017 Lee Chorley R. Wood Mem. - Bury Astroturf oOple
24.11.2019 Tsuyoshi Ito (13.5) Stock Kombat - RCManiax Clay/Dirt Medium Smooth T. Ito
14.01.2017 Gabe Boudreau WS - ThornHill Clay/Dirt High Smooth G. Boudreau
24.12.2016 Gabe Boudreau Practice - San Antonio Loomy Low Bumpy G. Boudreau
12-14.08.2016 Ty Tessmann ROAR Nats - Omaha Clay Medium Bumpy HB Racing
18.07.2016 Ty Tessmann HRS - HRH Hard Packed Medium Smooth Ty Tessmann
April 2016 Jason De Monto JBRL - SDRC Clay Medium Smooth J. De Monto
06.03.2016 Ty Tessmann Chitown Shootout - Leisure Hours Clay Medium Bumpy T. Tessmann
06.02.2016 Scott Robert Full Throttle Clay Medium Smooth S. Robert
21-24.01.2016 Ty Tessmann RRoC - OCRC
09.06.2019 Lee Chorley South Lakes Grass Low-Medium Bumpy L. Chorley
20.08.2016 David Ronnefalk Karlskrona Grass D. Ronnefalk
29.10.2017 Lee Chorley Southport Astroturf oOple
28-29.02.2017 David Ronnefalk Lyon GP Carpet High Smooth D. Ronnefalk
06-08.01.2017 David Ronnefalk DHI - Odense Carpet Medium-High Smooth HB Racing
03-10.10.2015 David Ronnefalk WC - Yatabe Arena Astroturf High Smooth

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