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T5M Manual Associated
T5 & T5M Parts List
#91461 Gear Diff Supplement
#91548 & #91549 Aluminum Rear Hubs
#91385 Arm Mount Inserts
Infinity Chassis
Gear Ratio Chart Arn0
T5M Features & Pictures
AE Damper Chart Ray Munday
Tuning Guide
Bruno Heremans build tips
RCCA Review
Tony Phalen build
Jason Snyder Review
Markus Schmidt Review
Tips & Tricks
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How to Properly Build and Break-in a Ball Differential and Slipper Clutch RC Tech
T5M Electronics Setup
AE Hubs to Schelle B5/B5M Hubs

Blank Setup Sheet
T5M - Editable Setup Sheet
B5/B5M - Option / Tuning Parts List
B5 - Notes
Starting Setup

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Surface Traction Source
10-11.09.2017 Steve Charles Turf Nats - RC Madness Astroturf Bumpy Medium S. Charles
2017 Chris Sturdy Oz Nats - Matiland Hard Packed Low Bumpy C. Sturdy
28-29.10.2017 Max Flurer Masters of Dirt - Mythe Beach
26-27.07.2017 Matt Kellett (17.5) Surf City - OCRC Hard Packed Medium-High Smooth T. Owings
15.07.2017 Matt Kellett QLD Champs - Logan Hard Packed Low-Medium M. Kellett
01.04.2017 Randy Pike (17.5) April Fools - IRCR Clay Medium Smooth R. Pike
01.04.2017 Will Brinton Hobbyplex Hard Packed Bumpy-Grooved Medium-High W. Brinton
10-12.03.2017 Dustin Evans Desert Classic - Hobby Action Hard Packed Bumpy Medium Associated
05.11.2016 Ryan Cavalieri
Associated Champs - Trackside Hard Packed Smooth High Associated
03.04.2016 Randy Pike BLS Series - Track Time Hobbies Dirt Smooth Very High R. Pike
06.03.2016 Will Brinton BGRC Hard Packed Bumpy-Grooved Medium-High W. Brinton
12-13.12.2015 Brent Thielke Top Gun - SDRC Dirt Smooth High-Very High Associated
05-06.12.2015 Shane Borden (17.5) JC INS - Omaha Dirt Smooth Medium-High S. Borden
01.11.2015 Chris Sturdy Chargers RC Hard Packed Grooved High C. Sturdy
29-30.08.2015 Brent Thielke Surf City - OCRC Hard Packed Bumpy High Associated
07-09.08.2015 Ryan Cavalieri
Alan Wight (17.5)
ROAR Nats - SRS Clay Bumpy, Dusty Very High Associated
11.07.2015 Robbie Robertson (17.5) TNS - OCRC Hard Packed Bumpy/Grooved High M. Gonzales
26.04.2015 Spencer Rivkin (17.5) JConcept Nats - OCRC Hard Packed Smooth-Grooved High Associated
12.04.2015 Eric Clark Lake Erie Shoot Out Dirt Bumpy High Associated
29.03.2015 Cole Tollard (3 gears) Spring Classic Dirt Bumpy-Grooved Medium Associated
15.03.2015 Steven Hartson Cactus Classic - SRS Raceway Hard Packed Smooth Very High Associated
06-08.02.2015 Brent Thielke JConcepts INS - SmacTrac Hard Packed Smooth Medium-High Associated
11.01.2015 Ryan Cavalieri Mid West Champs - CRCRC Dirt Smooth-Bumpy Medium-High Associated
17-19.03.2017 Joona Haatanen EOS - Andernach Carpet Smooth High Associated
29-31.01.2016 Jesper Rasmussen EOS - Muelheim Kaerlich Carpet Smooth High-Very High J. Rasmussen
Soft Dirt

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