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Manual & Diagram Source
TRF418 Manual Tamiya
TRF418 Parts List Kentech
TRF418 Parts Drawing Kentech
TRF418 Features, details & pictures
TRF418 Gear Chart - 48DP - 64DP
Takayuki Kono Build
TRF418 Build Kentech
Samix Chassis kit Kentech
TRF418 - Build & Review The RC Racer
TRF418 - Diff a la Dave
Tamiya Gear Diff Assembly Instruction Tamiya Racing
Blank Setup Sheet
TRF418 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Base Setup
Kit Setup
Tips & tricks
TRF418 - Electronics Setups
TRF418 - LiPo stoppers

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Surface Traction Layout Source
27.09.2015 John Timberlake (17.5) Cotswold Medium Fast J. Timberlake
03.08.2014 Austin Harrison (17.5) ROAR Nats - Kissimmee Medium-High A. Harrison
June 2014 Satoshi Maezumi Kentech
28.06.2014 Kenneth Laukaa Low Kentech
06-08.06.2014 Jilles Groskamp ETS - Luxembourg Medium JG Racing
23-25.05.2014 Jilles Groskamp
Rod Canare (13.5)
Reedy Race - Aliso Viejo Medium-High JG Racing
18.05.2014 Simmi Erdferkel Very good RC-Erdferkel
01-02.03.2014 Kenneth ETS - Gran Canaria Low Kentech
01-02.12.2013 Marc Rheinard BIRC - HUGE Circuit High M. Rheinard
24.11.2013 Takayuki Kono Nagoya T. Kono
Carpet Driver Event - Place Surface Traction Layout Source
08-09.03.2014 Simmi Freiburg RC-Erdferkel
12.01.2014 Sean Williams TQ Hobboes Medium RC Tech
01-03.11.2013 Marc Rheinard ETS - Hrotovice High M. Rheinard

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